Humour · Paranormal



Title: Zombie Playlist

Author: K.J. Chapman

Pages: 86 (E-book)

P.O.V: 1st Person

Genre: Dystopia, Paranormal, Humour

Publication Date: September 4, 2017



Dagger has survived the zombie apocalypse with nothing save a metal bat, blades, and assholery. With the company of an IPOD she attained courtesy of Dead-Dude, and King, the Bunker-Boy straggler she somehow acquired on her journey, she travels to the coast, putting down zombies, blowing up high-grade assholes, and teaching King how to ditch his pre-apocalypse conscience and keep his yellow ass alive.

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my review-02-02

“Yep, the assholes always survive. Nevertheless, there is a spectrum to assholery. I’m pretty low on scale.”

It is Dagger’s metal baseball bat, general mistrust in people and low-grade assholery that has kept her alive for the last 10 months. While it is the first day of King, out in the wild and he begs Dagger to take him with her. To which Dagger couldn’t but agree reluctantly.

“I roll my eyes, but if I’m to maintain my low-grade asshole status and live with my conscience, I can’t leave this baby lamb to wander alone in the dark.”

And thus they together begin the journey to Cornwall, taking on the bitey-assholes aka the zombies.

Honestly, I was procrastinating this read. It is not of a genre that really sparks my interest. But oh boy what would I have missed then!

This book gets you hooked from the very first page. And when I say that, TRUST ME on it.  It is a full on action packed entertainer, and doesn’t let to doze off even for a second.

K.J.Chapman has done a wonderful job in narrating and painting the characters and the plot in ‘Zombie Playlist’. None of the plots and the dialogues seemed to be forceful. The story develops very well and so does the characters. I loved the gradual transformation of Dagger and King. The relationship that grows between them is totally adorable and refreshing.

This was such a fun, clever and exciting read. I just loved it. This perfect little novella has left me wanting for more.

Also, if you are wondering about the title, it is because the table of content of this book is literally a playlist.

This book is definitely a HIT for me.

My Rating: 5/5


‘Zombie Playlist’, available in ebook.

Link: Amazon



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