Poetry · Romance


Title: Poems For A Princess

Author: Mark Brooks

Pages: 59 (Paperback)

P.O.V: 1st Person

Genre: Poetry, Romance

Publication Date: July 27, 2017

Publisher: Olympia Publishers



This is a book of poems I have written especially for a very special girl – “The Princess”.
I knew the moment that I saw her that I had fallen for her. The signs were all pointing to falling for her – the racing heart, the heart skipping a beat, the butterfly feeling in my stomach, the legs feeling like jelly, struggling to get my words out, the blushing etc., etc.
Unfortunately, I’ve been too afraid (I guess that’s the best way to describe it) to tell her how I feel, so I thought I’d write her a book of poems to try and tell her how I truly feel about her. I always struggle expressing how I feel verbally, I guess for fear of looking stupid and maybe being rejected and so writing down how I feel is just my way of expressing my feelings.
I just hope she likes them!

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“Oh Princess,

That day I met you,

I knew, just knew,

I was falling in love with you,

There was nothing I could do!”

                                                                                 -The Day I met You 

‘Poems for a Princess’, is a collection of 30 poems dedicated to the girl for whom Brooks has been falling for. He refers to her as the ‘Princess’ and pens down his feelings for her in this book. He has difficulty expressing himself verbally thus hopes when he gives her this book of poems she will finally know that she is the girl of his dreams.

Here he pens down all his feeling, wishes and hopes for a life ahead- which revolves around none but the girl who stole his heart at the very first glance. He tells us about the day he first met her and how he cannot but fall in love. Also how beautiful she is to the core and how he cannot but make her his number one. He goes on expressing his feelings for her and tells us how hard he is trying to confess his love.

“If only you knew how desperately I want to reveal,

About you – how I really feel”

                                                                                   -If Only You Knew

‘Poems for a Princess’, is a sweet and simple set of poetry. Brooks’ gesture of expressing himself in a book is so very romantic and you can see exactly how smitten he is through his poems. Though the book can be critiqued for a few reason. One, the poems are too simple and that makes the collection a bit monotonous. Two, the word ‘Princess’, seemed to be over used.

Nonetheless, ‘Poems for a Princess’ is an easy and a light read, and is a solid three stars for me.

My Rating: 3/5

3 star-04

‘Poems for a Princess’, available in e-book and paperback.

Link: Amazon

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