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T.C. Collins has been an avid writer and traveler throughout her life before turning her hand to fiction. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, young son, and a big dog. Hot Toddy is her first novel.


  • When did you first realise that you wanted to be a writer?

    I knew from a very young age that your imagination will set you free. I”ve always known I wanted to tell stories. Take you away from your everyday world and lose yourself in an intirerly new one.

  • What made you finally decide to sit down and start with this?

My determination to prove to myself that I could do it! I was going to finish a novel. I was going to finish ten!

  • Had you known exactly what you wanted to work upon?

I thought about the most fascinating question that kept repeatedly jumping into my mind. How can people live in their own  illusion of life? Trick themselves into beliving that the lies they tell themselves are okay? And what better place for a setting for a fantasy like that? Hollywood California.

  • How long did it take to make this idea a reality?

Ten years.

  • What is the most difficult part as a writer?

Making yourself do it everyday! Even if it’s just one sentence. Just do it.

  • What/who inspired you in this?

All of the women that have come in and out of my life through the years. They have been incredible people with incredible stories.

  • What else interests you other than writing?

I’m in love with my amazing husband, wild toddler, and ginormous dog! So cooking and cleaning mostly to keep the house running. Oh and if I ever do get any time to myself I do paint abstract art on large canvas, write (of course), and do yoga or walk the dog. I have to say that painting and walking the dog is when I get my best storyline ideas.

  • Let us talk about the book cover and how it came about?

Coz it’s spectacular! I worked with a great company that provided me with the black and white image of the girl in her shades. Then my younger sister and I worked tirelessly on putting the whole thing together for about five months. I love it too!

  • Will you share your insight about your lead character LJ, with our readers?

I truly want her to be the “every girl”. Even though she makes horribly bad choices for herself. I want every reader to relate to something about her transition from being a twenty-one year old girl into finding her footing and becoming the extraordinary women we all know she can be.

  • Had you known from the beginning that you would make this a series?

Yes. LJ has a lot of growing up to do.

  • What to expect from the next book in the series?And have you decided on a release date yet?

You can expect her making an expenditial amount of poor choices that land her in even more hot water than she was in in Hot Toddy. The relese date will be summer of 2018? Or so I’m hoping. (Refer back to question 5)

  • Have you considered turning Hot Toddy into a film?

Because trust me, I kept thinking all the time what an amazing movie it will make. I would die if Hot Toddy was a film! That would send me over the moon with joy! I was thinking Natalie Portman play LJ, and Jennifer Lawrence play mean girl Sidney. Total hit!

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