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img_4508-copy.jpgRohan Dahiya, comes from a military background and thus for the most part have spent a childhood moving around a lot before we finally settling in Gurgaon. He says while it didn’t do much for his social skills it did teach him to be comfortable in his own company “because there have been so many days where my sister and I had nothing to do in the empty mess in some corner of Siliguri”. Another thing he could never manage was being serious about his education. “I’m sometimes amazed I even made it through those exams even studying literature in DU wasn’t exactly a joyride. Finally I found Chapter 101 a bookstore started by Mr. Raju Singh, and here I feel like I belong, like this is the place I’m really supposed to be!”

The Bitter Pill Social Club” is his first novel.

1. How long did it take to make this book a reality?

So the first draft was super quick, I was done in a few months but then it went through a few round of edits and rewrites which is when I ended up adding a few more layers of depth to the story rather than it being a frivolous account of these lives. All in all I’d say a year and a half I guess from start to the final print.

2.Did you know from the very beginning what you wanted to work upon?

Not at all! I’d been working on another project and I just needed a break because it was a heavier storyline… I literally started freewriting while waiting for a friend one evening and in building one funny incident on another I decided to draw the story out into a full length project.

3. What is the most difficult part as a writer?

I wouldn’t say it’s difficult as such but one challenge I still struggle with is writing consistently. I know a lot of serious authors who enjoy being consumed fully by the project they’re working on and I do that too but I can’t sit and write non-stop for three months I like to write when the words come otherwise it’s never good (for me). On a more superficial level one of the most difficult parts of being an author is verbally explaining your ideas to other people!

4. What else interests you other than writing?

I love visual art, I’m not the best at it but I love creating digital collages and stuff that’s more instinctual – it requires less focus than writing on some days. Love travelling, I feel like one of my biggest motivators to work in life is to fund my dream vacations.

5. Do you have a writing schedule?  An ideal writing space?

I can’t do schedules, my ideal for writing is very spontaneous just put on a playlist and filter the rest of the world out. Again I love to have visual cues so I always keep the most random collection of images that go from just scene settings to something odd like close-ups of a hand in motion. This for me contributes more to creating an ideal writing space than physical surroundings but otherwise I have a rather perfect job where I get to sit and work on my writing projects all day long.

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