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A Swoony Mysogynist Romance Tutoring Rape Culture|Review of Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting


Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting, features a hot steamy second chance romance with an eye candy of a book boyfriend.

I finished reading this a few days back and have been confused since, on how I felt about the novel and how I wanted to rate and review it. I did not like the two main characters and the narrative have been problematic a couple of times. But they were so major that I could not get over or overlook them. The more I think about it, the more angry I get.


Lilah was really nagging in the second half of the story. The major complication put in the plot was that she could not get enough sleep and not enough study time due to her relationship with Ethan. I mean, REALLY? I do not expect such silliness from an adult romance. It’s not YA! DUH!!!! She’s such a pushover and it was really annoying.

The ‘Good Luck Charm’ aspect of the drama was not executed properly and was dealt in a hurried way near the end of the story.

It was like Hunting planned the complication of the relationship in revolving around the good luck charm factor and all the complications and misunderstandings leading henceforth but the pushover plot of seemed way too tempting!


The book’s Hot, Swoony and Annoying until it gets CREEPY and OFFENSIVE.

The male lead Ethan was a well dressed chauvinistic, misogynistic prick. Let me guide you as to why I say so ….


” She’s got nothing on you. Selene was someone to pass time with. You’re the one I want.”

I mean seriously? Do we still take such statements as compliments? This is a derogatory remark and we are too far in the 21st century to be woo-ed by such! Please do not make it seem romantic and re-inforce such misogyny.


Ethan and Lilah gets stuck in a cellar while Lilah has a phobia from enclosed dark spaces. So she goes into a panic mode. Now, what Ethan does is that he ‘throws’ himself at Lilah, who’s hyper ventilating and kisses her. Supposed to be Romantic? To me it was terrifying!


The worst one of them all. Lilah clearly tells Ethan that she needs rest and that she’ll be spending the night at her house and not with him. To this Ethan agrees. But at the middle of the night Ethan sneaks in her house and in her bed, naked, to sleep with her while SHE’S ALREADY ASLEEP and has no idea about this!!

I was like WHAT?!!! This is not okay, right?? I don’t know why nobody talked about this in their review but seriously, even if you’re in a relationship you just cannot overlook the fact that she explicitly stated that she doesn’t want to spend the night with him! This is not appropriate. Again, this is NOT ROMANTIC.

When she already established that she wanted to be alone, he just cannot sneak in her bed while she’s asleep. He needs PERMISSION. He could have woken her up and asked if it was okay for him to come over. Or atleast he could have woken her up when he came over. But he did not. He just didn’t care enough that she said no. It just did not matter!!

But Lilah was just “disoriented and irritated to have been woken up at God knows what hour.” And mildly reacts by saying that he should have respected her night-off but then goes on to making love with him.

I felt that the reaction was not enough. Just NOT ENOUGH. Please do not teach through fiction that this is okay. Do not make it seem through fiction that this is okay. This is not. It’s troubling. It’s CONSENT VIOLATION.


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