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Blog Tour|The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan|Book Review

Hello Everyone!❤ Welcome to my stop on the blog tour of ‘The Christmas Sisters’ by Sarah Morgan. It’s a standalone women’s fiction set around Christmas and I’m too excited to share my views on this novel with you all.

Huge thanks to the publishers for adding me on the tour and for providing me with the ARC. All views expressed are my own.

Title: The Christmas Sisters

Author: Sarah Morgan

Pages: 384 pages (Paperback)

Genre: Chick-Lit, Romance

Publication Date: November 1, 2018

Publisher: HQ

In the snowy Highlands of Scotland, Suzanne McBride is dreaming of the perfect cozy Christmas. Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high…

Workaholic Hannah knows she can’t avoid spending the holidays with her family two years in a row. But it’s not the weight of their expectations that’s panicking her—it’s the life-changing secret she’s hiding. Stay-at-home mom Beth is having a personal crisis. All she wants for Christmas is time to decide if she’s ready to return to work—seeing everyone was supposed to help her stress levels, not increase them! Posy isn’t sure she’s living her best life, but with her parents depending on her, making a change seems risky. But not as risky as falling for gorgeous new neighbor Luke…

As Suzanne’s dreams of the perfect McBride Christmas unravel, she must rely on the magic of the season to bring her daughters together. But will this new togetherness teach the sisters that their close-knit bond is strong enough to withstand anything—including a family Christmas?

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The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan is a heartwarming story of sisterhood and family bonding, set against the lush Scottish Highlands in winter. The story follows Sussane, Hannah, Beth, and Posy’s point-of-view, that are very distinct and easy to follow.

Sussane: Mother to three children Hannah, Beth and Posy, who she and her husband Stewart adopted after her best friend Cheryl passed away in a climbing accident. She was the only survivor from the accident that took the girls’ parents life and suffers from survivors guilt. And is still haunted by the memories of it. Presently she’s very anxious, hyperactive and panicked to arrange a perfect Christmas for the girls, who’ll be reuniting after ages. 

Hannah: A workaholic. Lives in Manhattan with a secret boyfriend. Is visiting home this Christmas to get some space from him and clear her head. Has high walls built around her and suffers from insecurities behind them. 

Beth: Stay at home mom to two lovely girls. Loves her children. But is frustrated and tired of that being the only aspect of her life. Thinking about joining work. 

Posy: The youngest. Still lives with her parents in Scotland and works at their family business, Cafe Craft. But wishes to be a mountain guide and climb all the mountains in the world.

The story explores the complexity of sisterhood and has strong female friendship to praise. I loved the fondness of Sussane’s character the most. Felt sorry for Hannah’s character and was a bit annoyed by Beths’. But I think Beth was meant to be somewhat neurotic. Being introduced to each of their life separately as well as together made me more invested in the story and gave a depth to it. The family secrets, hurts and insecurities unravel slowly and is the major domain in which the plot operates. The story builds up in a slow and soothing manner on these and is meant to be read along with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, winter morning.

It is not exactly a holiday romance with some over the top romantic gestures but falls more into the women’s fiction category with sweet romantic episodes in it. The story is cheerful, warm and witty. It is bound make you finish the book with a big smile on on your face! Also, it will definitely pump you up for Christmas and has a lots of snow in it. Lots of them.

A must read this winter! 

My Rating: 5/5


“The Christmas Sisters” available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audio-book, E-book.

Buy Links: Amazon(IN), Amazon(UK), Amazon(US), Bookdepository


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