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The Fifth To Die by J.D.Baker | Book Review

Title: The Fifth To Die

Author: J. D. Baker

Pages: 144 pages (Hardcover)

Genre: Crime Thriller, Suspense

Publication Date: December 27, 2018

Publisher: HQ


It’s a family affair. 

In the midst of one of the worst winters Chicago has seen in years, the body of missing teenager Ella Reynolds is discovered under the surface of a frozen lake. She’s been missing for three weeks…the lake froze over three months ago. 

Detective Sam Porter and his team are brought in to investigate but it’s not long before another girl goes missing. The press believes the serial killer, Anson Bishop, has struck again but Porter knows differently. The deaths are too different, there’s a new killer on the loose. 

Porter however is distracted. 

He’s still haunted by Bishop and his victims, even after the FBI have removed him from the case. His only leads: a picture of a female prisoner and a note from Bishop: “Help me find my mother. I think it’s time she and I talked.”

As more girls go missing and Porter’s team race to stop the body count rising, Porter disappears to track down Bishop’s mother and discover that the only place scarier than the mind of a serial killer is the mind of the mother from which he came. 

Perfect for fans of Helen Fields, Val McDermid and Jo Nesbo, this gripping and twisted thriller will have you wondering, how do you stop a killer when he’s been trained from birth?

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The Fifth To Die by J. D. Baker is the second installment to The Fourth Monkey series. It’s extremely well written like it’s prequel (or maybe better. It that’s even possible) and is hauntingly addictive.

The story opens with two disappearances in town, that of Ella Reynolds and Lili Davies. When finally Ella Reynolds missing for about 3 weeks is found frozen dead under a lake it confuses everyone. What’s baffling about this murder is :

  • 1) The lake froze months earlier
  • 2) Ella is not wearing the clothes she was last seen in. But she’s dressed in Lili’s clothes.
  • 3) The forensic believes her to be drowned in salt water.

The plot quickly escalates from here with the body count rising rapidly. Though the FBI believes the sadist serial killer to be different than that of Anson Bishop, both Detective Porter and readers cannot help but wonder. And the chase begins….

This installment pulls you in extensively with the psychological aspect of the characters and goes teeny-tiny bit light on the action in comparison to the prequel. Bishop is the show-stopper of this series and is a fucking brilliant villain! I repeat. FUCKING BRILLIANT! You cannot help but hate him and root for him all the same and end up questioning your moral character?

The plot blew my mind. It’s extremely dense, scary and nerve wrenching. There’s always so much happening and so much to take in. However it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The story is filled with dedicated twists (not cheap thrills) and is a compelling read. It’s totally full of drama, extremely creepy and swears to make you lose a few nights sleep. Ending on a cliffhanger, this is as good as a crime thriller can be!

My Rating: 5/5

‘The Fifth To Die’ is available in Paperback, Hardcover, E-book and Audiobook.

Buy Links : Amazon(IN), Amazon(UK)


6 thoughts on “The Fifth To Die by J.D.Baker | Book Review

  1. Oh no! A cliffhanger at the end will kill me. 😭 I think I’ll wait for the series to end before I start this but I’m definitely adding it to my TBR. How do you do this with ever review, Abantika? My TBR hates you. 😂


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