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Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku|Book Review

Title: Blogging for Gold

Author: Arun Tikku

Pages: pages (E-book)

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publication Date: September 28, 2019

Publisher: Self Published

Blogging for gold is a A to Z guide for amateur , professional bloggers and hobbyists , who want to learn how to start and blog . How to build content and then how to make money from your b logging niche .

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Blogging for Gold‘ is a beginners guide on how to blog. It’s divided into 60 chapters. Each being short and crisp.

The book talks about the apps you’ll need to complement your blog, the mistakes of beginners and the importance of social media. How it now has in certain aspects become even more important than traditional media. Anuj Tikku talks about advertising, affiliate programs and how to monetize your blog. This book also has a portion on ‘bloggers block‘ and how to deal with it. I appreciated this portion quite a lot as not many acknowledge this problem.

What went wrong for me was that while guiding us how to blog it strayed away talking about ‘how to write pulp fiction‘ or ‘how to self publish‘ etc. Also, portions like ‘if Arjuna was a blogger’, ‘women rule the social media world’ and a few more chapters had absolutely no content to offer on the topic.

Also, it went back and forth on topics. Like ‘Affiliate marketing bloggers holy grail‘ was on chapter 49 while ‘The key to winning affiliate marketing game’ was on chapter 56. The chapters in between were ‘how to write a self published book’, ‘who’s a social influencer’, ‘women rule the social media world’ etc. which caused reading difficulty. It could have been avoided and was definitely a sign on lousy editing.

All over Blogging for Gold is a good book to help you understand the dynamics of blogging and give you a upperhand as a beginner. But it could have been better. It gets a 3.5 stars from me.

My Rating: 3.5/5

“Blogging for Gold” is available in E-book.

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