Dystopia · Fantasy


Title: A Light From The Ashes

Author: Rachel Anne Cox

Genre: Dystopian

Publication Date: September 30th, 2019

Publisher: GlassSpider Publishing

In the future wasteland of Virginia, Sam, the son of revolutionaries, wants nothing more than to leave the violence of his past behind him, but the impending Third Revolution and the two women he loves may not let him. It is the Year of 42, and Sam travels back home after spending seven years in a work camp to find his childhood sweetheart, Gemma, married to another man and helping to lead another rebellion against the corrupt government. Society has devolved into a pre-industrial agrarian world devoid of electricity and personal freedom.

With the echoes of war still ringing in their ears and hearts, the citizens try to live in relative peace and not incur the wrath of the ruling Triumvirate and their army of Corsairs. But another revolution is on the horizon and this time, the women are leading the charge.With his newly adopted family, Sophie and young Ethan, Sam encounters old enemies and adapts to his new life while trying to maintain the tentative peace which has prevailed in the land. Sam must navigate the fine lines between peace and rebellion, love and hate, in a world unforgiving of past and present offenses. Vowing to protect another lost generation of children, Sophie and Sam approach the looming threat of war in different ways as they attempt to find what little humanity is left in an inhumane world, and within themselves. A strong ensemble of diverse characters paves the way to a new future free of the past.

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A Light From The Ashes by Rachel Anne Cox is a post war dystopian novel that will pump you up with all the feelings of self righteousness.

The undercurrent of the setting is the birth of another rebellion and the world built by the author is dynamic. It very vivid and a lot grows on you. The story is exciting, thrilling and dark. The character building is gradual and the writing is effortless.

Though it is a pretty lengthy book, it is all consuming and you cannot help but be engrossed in it throughout.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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