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This week it is my pleasure to interview author Dr. Alphonso A. Buie. 

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Dr. Alphonso: I must be honest by saying no.  I always wrote poems, short-stories and opinion pieces via social media in which people liked or loved.  Some of these individuals encouraged me by saying I should write.  It wasn’t until my godson told me that I took the idea seriously and wrote a book.

Me: What made you pen down this book?

Dr. Alphonso: As a scholar I have all these ideas and philosophies that would make wonderful research publications, but the dilemma is the practicality of research papers when it comes to those that exist outside of academia.  Not a lot of individuals take the time to read journal articles to formulate ideologies or methods for best practices. 

So how do we as researchers and scholars get our ideas, our theories and our philosophies to the everyday individual?  The answer is to become creative and put them in books people desireto read.  Attach a theory, an idea, or a concept to a catchy story and people will absorb the knowledge as they read something that is enjoyable.  We must find creative ways in which to give people information that may be valuable.

Me: How did the title come to be?

Dr. Alphonso: It literally came from the main character in the book Marc.  He was “stuck” in life’s circumstances and wanted to move forward which would lead him toward success.The title was honestly just the book itself.

Me: Have you yourself ever been ‘Stuck’ in life?

Dr. Alphonso: Absolutely!!!  Years ago, I left a seasoned career in the restaurant industry to pursue a career in higher education and let’s just say it was a journey.  Some days I considered going back to the restaurant industry and giving up because being what I felt as stagnant was discouraging at times.  I didn’t give up, and if there is anyone out there that feels stuck, I would encourage them to stick it out.  Being “stuck”can be a mindset and a choice from some; choose to move forward.

Me: What does it exactly mean to be in charge of situations?

Dr. Alphonso: As adults we actively choose how we view everything and that is usually based on our design via background, experiences and upbringings.  At times some of us have not been equipped with the necessary tools to deal with situations or life itself, causing us to feel or become stuck.  If we make active decision to be in charge of our situations, we choose to lead ourselves to achievethe best sustainable and positive outcome no matter the situation.  Lead your situations, don’t let them lead you.

Me: How do you intend to impact readers with your work?

Dr. Alphonso: I hope to give others the encouragement or conceptsthey may need to move towards their version of success. I want people to find a bit of inspiration when their days seem dark.  I want them to know that hope is around the corner and not to become consumed by despair.  There is a way out of whatever is going on if they can assess a situation objectively and find an abstract way to address their dilemmas.  

Me: You have also written two other books. What are they about?

Dr. Alphonso: I have written two Children’s books that are centered around unconventional family structures.  I am currently working on the next book in this short-story series of self-help books.

Me: Describe yourself in three words.

Dr. Alphonso: Giving, Hard-working, Whole

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Dr. Alphonso: Oops I think I spilled the beans on that already but in short, yes.  Thank you so much and for the interview and I hope you all enjoy Stuck.

About the book:

Stuck is a self-help book centered around a fictional business short-story inspired by real-life events.  It is designed to give individuals concept models in a creative format that will help them further their own lives.  The concepts are packaged in a fictional story that:

  1. Is catchy and packed full of drama that makes the book a page turner.
  2. Is written in a format that makes it an easy read?
  3. Presents self-development concepts in an application format.

Marc used to be a successful force to be admired in the corporate offices of New York City and Real Estate Market in Philadelphia, PA.  Trouble arrives in his life, and he loses everything of value to him.  One day he decides to take charge of his string of situations and solve his problems.  With the guidance of a great mentor and other individuals who inspire him, he learns how to effectively solve his dramatic situations. 

This fictional short-story, inspired by real life events, teaches different concepts that can be utilized by anyone who wants to excel at managing themselves effectively in any professional and personal setting.  There are also a few gems in the book such as a character who does not have a gender as well as self-help modules.

Dr. Alphonso A. Buie – A Chicago, IL native that currently lives between the United States and China as a Business Professor.  He serves as a mentor to individuals that are looking to enhance their lives and a consultant to organizations on various subject matters. 

After achieving his Doctorate in Business, he sought out to be of service to others by volunteering with organizations such as Rotary International and Los Angeles Black College Fair. Such actions have led to him receiving recognition from his Alma Mater Lincoln University of Missouri as an awardee  of the Prestigious Young Alumni Award for his services to make the world “greater, better, and more beautiful” than when it was given to him.

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