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Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author Anu Verma on my blog.

Me: What made you pen down Victim to Victor?

Anu: As a woman once stuck in the vicious cycle of abuse myself, I know what it means to survive. Suffering through such difficulty takes a real, harmful, heavy toll on you, and many times it’s hard to figure out how to just be, after you’ve made it out. I want to fix that. 

By making my story public, and offering a guide through pain, abuse, and healing, I am hoping that I can be a light to others who are experiencing the same. Through the benefits of self-help methods, determination and mindful healing, women and children everywhere will be able to overcome the hurt and devastation they have experienced so that they too can write their own stories of victory. 

Me: What is the first step to healing according to you?

Anu: Healing requires courage and commitment and if you can find suitable support, the journey will be easier. It usually involves experiencing pain, confusion, anger and many unpleasant feelings as the realities of the betrayal and harm done to you are understood. It always involves fully connecting with all of your feelings, pleasant and unpleasant, valuing them and learning to use them well.

Healing and resolution is always a personal process, unique to you.

Telling your story and to recount your history is a cathartic process.

Understanding that it was not your fault is an important stage of healing, which is not always that simple.

Getting in touch with your vulnerability – many survivors have lost touch with their child within – which is your own vulnerability. Getting in touch with all feelings leads to self-awareness; knowing who you are. Trust your inner voice and use feelings to communicate with others. This is an act of strengthand an essential part of recovery.

Me: Was writing this memoir emotionally taxing or was it liberating?

Anu: Writing this memoir was liberating and emotional, though it was a big part of my healing process.

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Me: What made you persist despite all the adversities?

Anu:  My willpower and determination enabled me to persist. I had a burning need to write and a relevant story which I have been compelled to share. I wanted to explore my trauma. Writing helped me to heal, and by understanding my trauma, I was able to seek answers and a life of fulfilment.

Me: How do you intend to impact readers with your book?

Anu: My hope is to reach out to those who are stuck and looking for a way out and for you to understand that healing is available.

Me: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Anu: I am a go-getter and fun-lover. I work hard and I play hard. Now a mother to my 2 year old boy, he is my pride & joy so keeps me busy.

Me: Any message you want to give to anyone going through similar battles?

Anu: Do not suffer alone, seek help.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Anu: Audio version of my book as well as more material and videos on related subjects as well as planning for my next book.

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‘You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills…’ – John Rohn

Anu Verma was born in Coventry, England, but has also lived in Manchester, where she studied at the Metropolitan University,and Bournemouth. She holds a BSc Honours in Physiology and Health and MSc Degree in Sports Science. She lives with her son and also holds a Cambridge Qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Anu’s working life has revolved around teaching, both at home and abroad, where she taught in Thailand for a time, and in medical and scientific sales. But it was her experiences of childhood abuse that shaped her as a person, first threatening to destroy her and then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that she thought she would never find.

Anu explores this path in her book, hoping that it will also help others to find themselves the way she did, through travel, self-help and a determination to cast off her damaging past.

In her spare time, Anu enjoys spending time with her family, reading, self-development, yoga, meditating, going for walks and keeping fit. Her love of traveling manifested itself in not one, but two backpacking trips around the world and she has skydived in Cairns and volunteered at a school in Nepal. She hopes that she will be able to do even more in the future.

Anu is ambitious and wants to use her skills and life experiences to help others to improve their lives. She loves to work with children, who she sees as the future, and wants to work withthe vulnerable who are suffering or have suffered from abuse. She hopes that her book will reach out to many and have some effect on the lives of those who feel helpless.

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