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It is my pleasure to host author Dominique M. Carson on my blog today.

Me: Have you ever thought you’d end up writing a book?

Dominique: Yes, ever since I was a child, I wanted to write a book and it is finally here. It has been my dream. Throughout my life, there were seven people that told me I was going to write a book by my 30th birthday. I have accomplished the goal and I’ve mentioned them in my acknowledgements. Actually, I wrote two books, including Jon B. and they are copyrighted. But Jon B: Are You Still Down is the first one that I published.

Me: What made you pen down this book?

Dominique: In addition to writing and journalism, I am also a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist. My industry was extremely affected from the pandemic and spas were shut down. During the shutdown, I moved to Virginia to be closer to my fiancé, Jeffrey since we were in a long-distance relationship for 2.5 years. It was a bittersweet move from New York City because NY is my hometown. However, it was time for me to start a new chapter in my life with Jeff. He was a cross-country truck driver at the time of the move, but now he is a local truck driver in Virginia. Plus, I can massage anywhere outside of New York City because I had the proper certification and requirements to work outside of my hometown. Once we arrived in Virginia, my fiancé encouraged me to write the Jon B. book and do not worry about bills or going back to work. He said, “Baby, I want you to focus on the book and I started writing. At first, I was like, baby, but what about this and that, but eventually, I listened to Jeff’s counsel. And so, I would block off time to write the book without interruptions or telephone calls. It was just me and the computer. I was already researching content about Jon B. before the shut down, but I started writing once I arrived in Virginia. I am so grateful that my fiancé pushed me to write the book; I value his love and support. When I completed the book, I went back to work as massage therapist, but I am an independent contractor.

Me: Why Jon B?

Dominique: I have been a Jon B. fan ever since I was five years old. My cousin, Niani introduced me to Jon B. and Donell Jones because, once again, R&B music was always around us, all the time. I was memorized with his voice, his swag, and overall persona as an artist. Jon is an instrumentalist and not too many singers can play more than one instrument. Plus, I had the opportunity to interview live in New York City at Stage 48 venue. My god-sister, Christina went with me and we had a ball with Jon and his lovely wife, Danette. I was a journalist and a fan that night and I presented both to Jon. It was dream come true that I interviewed Jon. And so, I wrote about a man that I highly respect as an artist and decide to use my platform to inform others about his incredible work.

Me: Were you introduced to R&B?

Dominique: Yes, I was introduced to R&B music from when I was a child. My grandparents would play a variety of classic R&B singers such as The Gap Band, The Temptations, The O’ Jays, Smokey Robinson, or Teddy Pendergrass on their black and red radio in front of the kitchen sink. They would also play the late radio personality, Hal Jackson’s Sunday Classics on 98.7 KISS FM in New York City. And my mom would play Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits every Saturday while she was cleaning. She would play other CDs, but she started her Saturday with Marvin Gaye. I became a HUGE Marvin Gaye fan after listening to that Greatest Hits album constantly. Lastly, I am a 90’s baby, therefore, R&B was just a golden era at the time. There were so many artists and my grandfather would tell me the 90’s artists are sampling music from the 70’s and 80’s. And that’s when I realized, every artist once had a teacher and that’s how they perfected their craft. I love all musical genres, but rhythm and blues is my favorite.

Me: What’s special about it?

Dominique: R&B is very special to me because it was a way for us to bond and connect with family, specifically with my grandparents and my mother. Also, my aunt Becky would call my grandmother and while my grandmother was running to my phone, I would talk to my aunt about music when I spent the night at her house. She would say, “Did you hear that new record from this artist and we still do it to this day.” Once my mom found out my love and fascination, she would quiz me on different artists while songs were playing on the radio. She would say, “Domo, who is singing this baby, come on you know the artist,” and I would get it right. It was a shock for her in the beginning, but it became our day to day routine in the car. Nonetheless, there are certain R&B records you must play at a BBQ, wedding, parties, or other family functions. I enjoy listening to artists talk about different subjects on a breath-taking beat.

Me: What do you like to do in your free time?

Dominique: When I am not writing or massaging clients, I love spending time with my fiancé, traveling, interacting with friends and family, watching movies, attending comedy shows, talking on the phone, visiting amusement parks, love being adventurous as far as trying out new recreational activities, love doing word search puzzles, resting, and playing cards, specifically Spades.

Me: The cover is absolutely brilliant. How did it come to be?

Dominique: Thanks, so much! I reached out to my former high school, Stephen Davis because I admired his artwork since we were teenagers. I love illustration after reading Ezra Jack Keats books in school. We attended Edward R. Murrow HS in Brooklyn, New York together. I was accepted to the Communications Arts Program and Stephen was accepted in the Arts Institute Program. We lost touch but reconnected through Instagram. Aww, the beauty of social media. I simply asked Stephen if he wanted to be an illustrator for my Jon B. book. He said yes and delivered the contract via email; I submitted the payment, and we were in business.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Dominique: In addition to writing articles and massaging clients, I am also working a book about a legendary cartoon character in summer 2021 and writing about my massage journey in 2022. Lastly, once I receive the proper permission from a music distribution company, I will release my other book that is currently shelved.

Dominique M. Carson is an award-winning community activist, freelance journalist, researcher, massage therapist, writer, reporter, and author. Carson’s work has been featured in several publications including, The Grio, NBC News,,, Education Update, and Brooklyn news media outlets. She interviewed over 100 notable figures in entertainment such as Jermaine Dupri, Mulatto, Snoop Dogg, Master P, Charlie Wilson, Regina Belle, Patti Labelle, Kirk Franklin, and many more. She also collaborated with Brooklyn historian and journalist, Suzanne Spellen and launched a 118-page journal on Lefferts Manor, a neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Despite her impeccable work as a writer, Carson’s writing journey began 22 years ago. Carson started writing at eight years old and it was a troublesome period in her life. Carson discovered that writing can be a valuable tool when you’re going through personal challenges as a child. Her uncle Ricky and cousins, Niani & Fatima influenced her to express her creativity on paper as a therapeutic source. Carson took writing seriously after watching Teen Summit on BET and editing her fourth grade, classmate Erica Booker’s essay. Carson says her elementary school teacher, Ms. Asregadoo encouraged her to embrace her artistic expression. She knew becoming a journalist was her destiny. With the help of her late grandparents and mother, she started submitting poems and short stories to different writing contests and was honorable before she was a teenager. Carson graduated from the prestigious Brooklyn high school, Edward R. Murrow High School in 2008. She says her writing improved greatly when she attended the school. Her hard work landed her a nomination for Princeton’s High School Summer Journalism Program and a co-interviewer with the cast of Degrassi at the High School Journalism Workshop at MTV Studios in January 2007. It was around the time when Grammy award-winning rapper, Aubrey “Drake” Graham was on the show. After high school, Carson graduated from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College with her bachelor’s and master’s degree. During her time, she wrote for Brooklyn College’s Excelsior and worked at Brooklyn College’s Office of Communications and Marketing. Her post-college life consists of writing articles, books, and adding another venture, massage therapy. As of 2019, Carson is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist. Carson’s overall goal is to facilitate people’s lives with her hands and words.

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