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It is my pleasure to host author A.W. Davidson on my blog today.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Davidson: I’ve always enjoyed trying different ways to tell stories and communicate, but never got serious about writing until I started Relics of Dawn. I’ve always been a big reader, though, and now having been on the other side of reading I have an even larger respect for the people who can churn out great books. It took me so long to finish this one!

Me: How long did it take you to pen down Relics of Dawn?

Davidson: You could stay it took 25+ years, because the general plot is one I dreamed up with my grandmother on her back porch somewhere around 1993. I began writing Relics of Dawn in 2012, though, in-part out of a desire to get that story into written form because it had floated around in my head for so long. Once I started writing, it poured out of me and then I spent years fact-checking, researching, and connecting dots across eons of history.

Me: It takes the topical issue of climate change and develops a dystopian world. What made you choose this theme?

Davidson: The original story was compelling but didn’t have a driving force behind the “why” everything happened. As I started thinking about starting a family, it occurred to me that my kid’s generation would probably be the first to face the absolute worst effects of climate change. We have it bad now, but it is going to get so much worse if current trends continue. That will certainly not be a happy place to live, and may threaten life as we know it.

Me: What kind of research went behind Relics of Dawn?

Davidson: I watch a lot of documentaries for fun, so a lot of the inspiration came from PBS, History Channel, and similar television shows. Once I had a notion of something, I would dive in to more academic articles and papers on the topic and come back out with ideas for how to incorporate it into the story. The book covers a staggering variety of science and research, from geology and biology to linguistics and history. It was a blast to research, and write!

Me: What is your favourite genre to read?

Davidson: I read a lot of science fiction and love twisty narratives that play with time and dystopian environments. Relics of Dawn is very much the kind of book I enjoy reading, which made it a fun hobby to work on.

Me: Do you plan to make it a series?

Davidson: I’m not sure yet. I do have a second book outlined, but I am waiting to see the level of interest in the first one before diving in. Hard science fiction books like this take a long time to research and write, and I need a break!

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Davidson: Other than having a second book in this universe outlined, I have another idea I’m toying with different narratives on that will be a mystery/thriller rather than science fiction.

A.W. DAVIDSON grew up on a farm and now, somehow, works in fast-paced technology consulting by day while writing as slowly as possible by night. Writing is how he stays (arguably) sane. When not consulting or writing, he enjoys spending time with family in the great outdoors and is sad to see it disappearing.

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