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It is my pleasure to host author Alona Lynx on my blog today.

Me: How exactly will you define happiness?

Alona: Happiness for me is a state of mind, when I feel joy, satisfaction and gratitude at the same time.

Me: What made you pen down this book?

Alona: First of all, I was just writing articles about questions, which bothered me or interesting stories, which took my attention.

Me: What made you embark on this inward journey?

Alona: My illness and the words of the doctor, that I will stay on certain pills until the end of life.

Me: What do you do when you are not writing?

Alona: Writing is rather a hobby. My main occupation is my work, which I love and enjoy, despite everything. I give some private classes for foreign languages to children.

Me: How would you describe your present self in contrast to your old self?

Alona: I would say that I am proud of present self because I have done a great work to become who I am right now. My present self is self-confident happy person who loves any weather, changes, problems, but still do not like to wake up early. Now I know, that every problem, which comes on my way is a challenge to go through and become better, rather than worry and be upset. 

Me: What message would you want to give our readers who currently are going through a tough time?

Alona: My goal and my message to all , who are going through the tough times by any reason is:

Think of the person you want to be and fight for it.

If you have problems with health,  you should fight for healthy yourself.

If anyone of you has a problem finding a job you ought to believe that it is awaiting you round the corner and do not give up.

If there is an issue with your body  – fight for your fit form.

If you don’t have energy to fight, then just lay down and rest.

Listen to yourself, to your heart, your thoughts, your body.

Don’t push yourself for anything, it will come.

However, don’t give up by any reason, because it is your responsibility to get out of that situation.

Ask for help, do not be ashamed or scared, but do not give up on yourself.

Me: How do you want to impact the mind-set of the readers through this book?

Alona: I believe, that based on my story as an example it would be easier to understand, that there is always a way out.

When we have problems we rather think that we have the biggest problems and drama in our life.

Remember that it is not true and for sure there is somebody who feels worse.

Chapters in my book are short and concrete, however some people would need to read it a few times to start acting or get motivated, or understand the subject deeply.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Alona: Let it be a surprise 😊

Alona Lynx is a Head of Export department in beauty branch, living in Poland. Originally, however, coming from Ukraine, Lugansk city (Donbass, where is still the war).Alona has lived in Germany, China, also travelled to other countries private or for business and her heart still belongs to Poland.

Alona Lynx is an author of the book Way2Happiness. The book is based on the real stories and facts about her gathered in one, as well as the way she had to go through to become healthy and strong mentally, big changes in life due to changes she has made to herself. She believes that positive reality starts from positive thoughts.  Life depends on our vision to it. Her main intention is to make people conscious how much depends on us and that everything is possible, some solutions need more time.

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