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It is my pleasure to host author Leslie Reyes on my blog today.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Leslie: Actually, not really. However, I’m full of stories that I want to share with the world. Growing up, I faced a lot of decisions and went through events that a child isn’t supposed to go through. This gave me at a very early age, stories that people would love listening to. 

Me: What made you pen down this book?

Leslie: I’m always losing socks and this happened even before I got a dog so I can’t blame her! I would put the pair in the laundry basket and wash them and dry them. But when it was time for folding, one would be missing. So my imagination created this world that’s accessible through an invisible portal inside the dryer. A place where all my missing socks have gone to live with socks that others have lost too!

When I thought about how the other sock would feel being left behind, it made me sad. I thought about children who have lost a sibling, just like me. When my brother joined the military, I was devastated. I was eight years old. Every day, I sat by the window and waited for him to return but he never did. I thought he didn’t love me because he left me behind but then I realized that no matter how far he was, his love was boundless.

Thinking about how a sock would feel losing its sibling also took my thoughts to other places. It made me think about the children who are compared to their siblings and told that they should be just like them. It made me think about how we sometimes give up on the things we want in life because of the impact it could have on someone dear to you. It made me think about how we sometimes get lost on our paths and in reality, we’re not lost, we just have to get through that moment so it can put us on the right track.

When I felt all of these emotions, I thought to myself, wouldn’t this be a cool story so I wrote it down.

Me: It is extremely important to teach children that it is okay to make different choices in life. It inculcates in them a certain level of tolerance and acceptance which is integral in today’s world. What would you comment on that?

Leslie: I agree. Children are so influenced nowadays and at a much younger age. This makes it easier for them to be inclined to be someone they aren’t. We’re all destined to be different and we all have different values that we bring to the world and those around us. If children don’t make different choices they become monotone in their own essence and I believe that our souls become dim when we stop being different.

Me: Who were some of your favourite authors as a child?

Leslie: I was into poetry so I was fascinated with Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.

Me: What do you love most about writing for children?

Leslie: I love writing for children because they absorb everything! So as long as you have a good story with a positive lesson, you know in your heart, they’ll walk away with their heart a little fuller.

Me: How do you intend to impact readers with Sock World?

Leslie: I hope the readers understand that it’s okay to be different and want different things than those you’re close to. That even if you go off track, it’s okay because that’s where you need to be at the current moment in your life. I hope they can understand that even when someone is no longer close by, your love has no limit.

Me: The proceeds from the sales of this book goes to the purchase of socks for the homeless. Will you tell us more about it?

Leslie: Homeless people spend a lot of time on their feet. Many don’t have shoes so socks take quite the toll, wearing out quickly. They wear out faster than any other article of clothing and are the #1 clothing item needed and least donated for the homeless. Without socks, their feet are exposed, causing them to be more prone to frostbite and infections. Donating proceeds is just a little way of putting kindness back into the world.

Me: Why do you think it’s important for children to develop a love for reading?

Leslie: Having a love for reading helps in so many ways! For some, it takes them away from a reality they’re having a hard time getting through by creating a safe space in their mind. It helps build a great vocabulary foundation for future use which will add to their self-esteem and make them more confident. Through reading we learn social skills, we learn about different cultures, and we learn about ourselves in how we respond to what we read. That’s priceless.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Leslie: Actually, I’m thinking about making Sock World: A New Home into a series so stay tuned!!!

Also, I’m looking to explore another path and create a book tailored to 14 and up. This book would focus on overcoming Teen/Adult Domestic Violence and sexual assault.

Leslie Reyes is an HR professional who has a passion for stories. She believes in mythological creatures and daydreams often. She describes her daughter, Bella, as her biggest achievement even as she continues to hope that in another world, she will one day reunite with her brother who she lost.

Find Leslie on:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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