Authors' Spotlight


It is my pleasure to host author Atiya Stevenson on my blog today.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?                                                                         

Atiya: Not necessarily… my desire to write was derived from the pain of my process which I turned into purpose 

Me: What made you pen down this specific book?                                                            

Atiya: Because it began to sadden me the way us women would allow ourselves to be treated by men and in relationships.  It was more disheartened to know that although we as women desire Love we don’t always know how to connect with the areas of a man that causes him to love and guess what??  It’s not through sex.

Me: No Green Beans teaches women to value themselves to get the most out of their love life. Why choose such a subject to write on?                                                                                          

Atiya: Because when we value ourselves, men will have to place the same value on us.  When we allow men to mistreat us and mishandle us, its not the man’s fault, it shows that we ladies have lack of value, confidence, and esteem in ourselves.  When we allow men to cheat on us and be mean to us, it shows insecurity within ourselves.  It is not the man’s fault. A man will only do what he is allowed to do.

Me: A lot of women lose themselves somewhere while they keep adjusting to the ways of a relationship that is often dictated by a patriarchal structure. What will you comment on that and how will your book help them?                                                                                  

Atiya: The foundational tools of the book is our value system as women. Some of us were raised in certain cultures, mindsets and environments which contributes our value in ourselves.   The book will empower women to discover their worth, position their worth and present their worth to real men who desire pursue and capture!

Me: The title and how the book is written is unique. How did it come to be?                             

Atiya: Yes, the book is metaphorically written to depict the woman as the dimensional dining experience she was designed to be.  No Green beans is comparable to “Sex” I show women how to have a man mesmerized with the non-sexual part of who you are.  I show you how to have a man intrigued by your conversation and can’t wait to see you again.  I show you how to have him desiring just to simply be in your presence.

The woman is Valuable, priceless, fascinating, and incomparable!  In the compelling, metaphoric writing, No Green Beans, a Woman’s Guide to Becoming the Ultimate 5 Course Experience, I share tools, experiences, and inspirations by challenging the woman to discover her worth, position her worth, and present her worth to receive what she desires and deserves in relationships.  To achieve this, women are encouraged to refrain from offering themselves as a mere side of green beans (a portion of her) and show up as the “Ultimate 5-Course Experience” she is designed to be and that real men desire, pursue and capture.

Me: Describe yourself in three words.                                                                                                

Atiya:  Igniting, Conscientious, Empowering  

Me: What do you when you are not writing?                                                                                   

Atiya: Enjoying time with myself, writing, creating amazing transformation content, and spending time with my family.

Me: Are there any new projects underway                                                                                           

Atiya: I am launching my Positioned for Love Academy with will have elite coaching, digital library and a community where you can join.

Atiya Stevenson is a dynamic speaker, certified life coach, and love strategist who passionately serves others by aiding through life’s uncharted waters and challenging those to take the uncomfortable, critical leap that penetrates places of complacency and blazes a trail. Atiya’s desire for people and purpose is undeniable as she delicately, yet rigorously inspires change, ignites passion, and imparts value. Atiya will never meet a stranger, loves community, and selflessly gives throughout.

Find Atiya on:

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