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It is my pleasure to host author Candace Shattuck on my blog today.

Me: You have been writing since you were 4 years old. Have you always been an avid reader too?

Candace: Yes and no. I have always loved reading. However, reading was hard for me when I was younger as I had troubles learning language related skills. This also has made writing hard even though it is my passion. I do love reading and a good story.

Me: Will you tell us more about how your relationship with writing shaped your childhood and you as a person?

Candace: At first my stories were all in my head and were kind of my way of coping with the stresses of my childhood. As I grew and learnt to write I began putting the thoughts and stories to paper. Reading provided an escape but writing had always helped me process and get out all the feelings I didn’t feel I could express. Writing has helped me maintain who I am as a person and keep me from falling too far into the darkness. We all have some darkness in our lives and in our minds and we all need something to help us through it and ground us back in truth and light. For me, it is writing.

Me: At what point did it occur to publish your writings?

Candace: It has occurred to me a couple of times. When I was in school there was a teacher who suggested I publish some of my work but since I had such trouble with language I never thought I could do it or that it would be any good even though I had always dreamed of being an author. I always thought that other people were better so I didn’t pursue it. In college, I had a professor who suggested I publish some of my poems. I was still in that spot in my mind and I didn’t believe I could. A family member suggested I start with some earlier writings that would’t impact me too much if it failed instead of a big project I would be crushed if it didn’t take off. So I collected them but I didn’t know how to pursue it. In 2018, I started listening to motivational speakers like Rachel Hollis. My dream of being an author was always my number one dream in my Journal. And then when she released a Planner I started making a roadmap to figure out how to finish getting the book ready. Then a friend of mine published his own book and talked to me about the steps to getting a book published and that game plan led to me slowly walking through the steps of getting it published as finances would allow.

Me: What made you put together this collection of short stories and other miscellaneous writing?

Candace: As I said before, it was a suggestion by a family member that I should collect some of my short stories and poems that I was proud of but didn’t care as much about as I did the main project I had worked on since I was little. They said if that failed I wouldn’t be crushed and if I could do it once I could do it again and if I failed I could learn from it and move forward.

Me: Describe yourself in three words.

Candace: Love/Compassion, Kind, Strong

Me: The cover of the book is really intriguing. How did it come to be?

Candace: When I was younger I used to describe the depression and darkness in my mind as feeling like a snake slithering through my veins and wrapping itself around my brain and shrouding me in darkness. So I wanted an image that reflected that but I couldn’t find anything that I thought fit so I put in a request to the person who was doing the cover design and they found it. On Amazon I used a different cover. That one is one that a very good friend of mine designed. She always has helped me in my writing when I get stuck on titles or what to call something when I can’t find the right words.

Me: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Candace: Well as a single mom I don’t get much free time. I do like to make crafts, hang out with my kids, work on number fill ins, and I also enjoy long walks and archery.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Candace: Yes. I am working on a new project right now. It will hopefully be the first in a series.

Candace Shattuck is a lifelong writer from Stillwater, Oklahoma. She began writing at the age of four and while her writing style has grown and changed many times over the years it has and always will be her passion. Living as a single mother of two boys keeps Candace’s life pretty busy but she still finds time to work on the things she loves: writing, cross stitch, archery, and her YouTube channel. This compilation contains mostly her early writings—the rest of which can be found on her DeviantArt page. You can follow her there and on YouTube at MagykStormCandles for any information on her future works.

Find Candace on:

Deviantart | YouTube

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