Authors' Spotlight


Me: What sparked your initial love for poetry?

Taliah: My initial love for poetry started when I was young. We were told to journal in class as a daily mediation. I ended up writing poetry free verse. I haven’t stopped writing poetry since that day.

Me: What made you pen down Magnifying Winter?

Taliah: A friend of mine told me to write a book because the struggles I had journeyed could help someone else in the same dilemma. It turned out writing Magnifying Winter set me free from a lot of baggage I carried along the way.

Me: How do you develop your poems? Can you guide us through the stages?

Taliah: I develop my poems by writing. I write whatever on a sheet of paper or app I use and free verse.  I sort my poetry out once I reach my maximum limit. Have someone read my words by editing them. If the critiques are more positive than negative then I form my poetry into a book for my readers to enjoy.

Me: What should readers expect from The Embers Within?

Taliah: My readers can expect the same rawness they liked in Magnifying Winter. The authenticity I bring to my poetry books is the same authenticity I have in my daily life. I have good and bad days that my readers can either laugh or cry with me.

Me: How important is it to reflect on your heartbreaks and loss in the process of healing and self love?

Taliah: I believe reflecting on my heartbreaks, loss of people I cared for deeply, and healing let’s me be me. Allows me to give myself that self-love and grace that people need to do for themselves. It has taken me a long time for me to discover my feelings and to express them so openly. I write for my readers to let them know they aren’t alone with whatever they are going through. Their feelings are 100% valid.

Me: If it is not a problem, will you share a poem from it? A favourite of yours maybe?

Taliah: My favorite poem from the book Magnifying Winter is a poem called


Poetry includes the words

Nobody can gracefully form into sentences

Out loud,

Unless they write the words out on paper, first.

It’s what captures the heart

To heal the soul.

Many poets have come before me,

As many poets will come after.

I just want to be known,

Maybe even remembered.

My written poetry,


Will withstand as a contribution to my legacy


A martyr



My favorite poem from my second book The Embers Within would have to be a poem titled…

Pile Up

Nerves ride sky-high

I have a lot on my plate-

Most of which, I added to distract my mind

From the unforeseen occurrences

That have caused me

Immense pain.

Who is to say this is an unhealthy coping mechanism?

As I face adversities,

I know I am strong.


Sometimes, I need a break.

In order to clean up the debris


Build something beautiful out of nothing,


I can finally find peace.

They say the definition of insanity

Is doing something repeatedly,

But, expecting different results.


I beg to differ.

The definition of insanity

Is not to try;

Or worse, give up.

Even when things pile up,

Keep fighting.

Fighting is your only means to an end

In finding serenity.

Me: You have also written a poetry collection on the pandemic. How much does your poems draw from your personal experiences?

Taliah: The pandemic hit me like it has affected everybody. Just not in a sickly effect. Although I did write most of my second book while being in Quarantine. I was never directly hit or effected by the Coronavirus.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Taliah: Yes, my mind is always busy coming up with new ideas to write about. Just stay tuned because my readers have not heard the last from me.

About the author:

Taliah Mack is a poetess, overcomer, and on a lifelong mission to encourage her readers to chase after their dreams unapologetically. Through the power of poetry, she also strives to help people feel heard along their healing journeys. When she isn’t pouring her heart out on paper or studying for an upcoming exam, you can find this passionate writer going on adventures, listening to all kinds of music, and reading inspiring books. Above all, she loves spending quality time with her amazing fiancée.

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