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It is my pleasure to host author Whitney Rines on my blog today.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Whitney: I can’t say I was always in the mindset of being a writer, so much as I’ve always been writing. It didn’t really occur to me until my late teens that I might be interested in actually publishing my stories.

Me: What made you pen down The Wraith’s Memory?

Whitney: I wanted to build more on two important characters- Chiron and Kiyris from the first book, Dragonborn. I also wanted to fill out the world I’d created, and see what I came up with, in doing so.

Me: You have some wholesome, layered and multi dimensional characters. What’s the secret to creating them?

Whitney: I try to put myself in my characters’ minds as much as possible, act out their dialogue, plot out their motives, and puzzle out their relationships. It leads to a lot of conversations with the air.

Me: Tell us more about Chiron.

Whitney: Chiron is a favorite character of quite a few of my readers so far, from books one and two. He’s got a strong sense of family bonds and justice, he’s definitely a survivor, he’s very impetuous and impulsive, and he’s smart enough to get himself in trouble. As the story progresses, some of these traits change and grow stronger along with him, while others become skewed with his experiences. His journey truly starts in meeting Anstarra and Friedl, and takes him down a long path of both light and dark, and a lot of transformation along the way.

Me: The Wraith’s Memory also has a slow and vivid world building. Which according to you is harder: wholesome character development or a vivid world building?

Whitney: Thank you, and I would say they have similar degrees of difficulty in differing areas. I build my characters’ personalities and actions on the back of my world-building, so I really focus on what the world must be like to them personally, in order to give them that persona. Once I figure that out, it becomes a matter of being able to fulfill both sides adequately in my writing.

Me: How many books do you intend to release in this series?

Whitney: I have a tug of war for  between six and seven books. Four in the main story, and  two or three novellas, that tie in throughout to complete it.

Me: Did you have the whole story figured out at the beginning itself or did it evolve as you went on writing?

Whitney: The Wraith’s Memory evolved as I went along. It was initially a short story I was writing, as a fun break in between books one and two. It ended up growing into the story it is now as I became more interested in sharing the history of the world of Liansea.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Whitney: There are a few so far. The books in this series, and another universe I’ve been working on for a long time, and is more in the horror genre.

My name is Whitney Rines, I’m married with one son, two cats and a ball python for my pets. I’m originally from South Carolina and grew up in a military family with my mother, father, and brother. Moving to different places allowed me to experience vastly different landscapes, social settings, and people that would inspire my writing. I’ve had a passion for telling stories and creating different and fantastical, sometimes frightening worlds since I was a child. I’ve written several short stories, articles, and two novels so far. I plan to be writing much more in the future, and bring an enjoyable story or thought-provoking and educational article to many.

Find Whitney on:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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