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It is my pleasure to host author Hamza Aboulfeth on my blog today.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Hamza: Not really no, however everyone around me wanted to share my story with everyone, and the best way to do that is through a book.

Me: What made you pen down The Startupper to Cancer Fighter?

Hamza: An email out of the blue from a famous publishing company that wanted to write a book about me, I didn’t go with them but that was definitely the trigger.

Me: It explores a major part your schooling and education. Where do you think the system is going wrong?

Hamza: The educational system as it is now is going nowhere, I think the best way would be a customized education from a young age, teaching kids what they really do enjoy and not what they should learn.

Me: How do you intend to impact readers with your book?

Hamza: The idea is to inspire any youngster, wannabe entrepreneur struggling with his business.

Me: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Hamza: Starting businesses and facing everyday challenges.

Me: Would you tell us a little about your journey with being diagnosed with and fighting cancer?

Hamza: Getting diagnosed with a cancer before turning 30 isn’t fun, well, not sure it is considered fun at any given age, but that’s definitely a life lesson if you live through it.

Me: Apart from direct and obvious impact it had on your health, both mental and physical, how did it affect the perspective of your life?

Hamza: This just confirmed the way I was living actually, we will end up dead at some point, so we’d better do what we really want to do before it is too late.

Me: Was revisiting and documenting all of it in this book, taxing or was it liberating for you?

Hamza: It was hard to be frank, the cancer chapter was the chapter that took so much time, as I started writing and remembering things, I had to stop because it did bring back so much bad memories, but I had to keep going… I had to let it out.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Hamza: Always 🙂

Hamza is a 35-year autodidact tech serial entrepreneur who started his first business at the early age of 17. He dropped out of college at 21, became ICANN accredited at 24, attended the World Economic Forum at 25, and went to Harvard at 26 and Hajj and Burning Man at 27. He got married at 28, with a baby girl on the way at 29, and he fought through Cancer before 30.

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