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It is my pleasure to host author Stephanie McBain on my blog today. Her debut book, A Night at the Dreslen is currently available for purchase.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

Stephanie: My whole life I thought I was going to be an actress and a couple years into my Los Angeles journey that dream changed to becoming a Director and with that came the need to write something in order to direct it and from that point on I fell in love with writing.

Me: What made you pen down A Night at Dreslen?

Stephanie: Writing a book had always been on my mind and then in March 2020 when the pandemic happened for the first time in a long time I had no job and nothing to do. I was hanging in my apartment with my cat Simon and thought now seemed liked the perfect time to start that adventure. I had written this script years ago and it hadn’t been produced yet so I thought why not give this story life in a different form.

Me: From screenwriter to writing a novel. How does the experience differ?

Stephanie: In film we can paint a picture together, present it and there it is for the audience to see. But in a book the audience only see’s what they read on the page, and then their imagination takes those descriptive words and goes on a journey to paint their own picture. So as the author I had to question, did I give the reader enough information to follow the story but also leave enough for their imagination to play and paint their own image of each chapter? I found out it’s a balance. 

Me: How is it similar?

Stephanie: I tend to direct most of the films that I write so writing this story into a book basically felt like I was gathering my vision for directing the film and then putting those “directions” I would normally give to the head of each department: costumes, set design etc.  but instead I give them directly to the reader and therefore my brain went through a similar process, but the delivery had to be more thought out and elegant.

Me: Do you believe in ‘opposites attract’?

Stephanie: I do! I think we can learn the most from the people that are “opposite” of ourselves, but I also don’t want to rule out similarities. You never know who you’re going to fall for, that’s the beauty of love.

Me: Are you an introvert or extrovert in real life?

Stephanie: For years I thought I was an extroverted introvert. However more recently I have become an introverted extrovert and it’s feels really good! Never thought I would say that, but yeah, I enjoy “me” time.

Me: Describe Oliver and Stella in 3 words each.

Stephanie: Oliver – Patient, Kind, Walflower

Stella – Vulnerable, Curious, Colorful

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Stephanie: I plan on making “A Night at the Dreslen” into a film. I also am working on another book that I’m super excited about but I can’t say much at the moment. A film I directed called “Hashtag Blessed” will be released holiday season 2021 and I will also be directing another film that I wrote called “Coffee & God” in the Fall. 

Stephanie McBain is a screenwriter and director. Her previous work includes feature films Roads Trees and Honey Bees and A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane. A Night at the Dreslen is her first book. It was originally written as a film script but with the events of 2020 she was inspired to adapt it into a book. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends and telling stories.

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