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It is my pleasure to host author Taleta McDonald on my blog today. Her book The Self-healer’s Handbook is available for purchase now.

Me: What made you pen down The Self-healer’s Handbook?

Taleta: In 2002 my daughter, who was four at the time, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. As you can imagine, arthritis is not something you would expect a 4-year-old to be diagnosed with! My heart sank when the doctors told me she would have this condition for life, and she may end up in a wheelchair. The only treatment plan was long term pharmaceutical drugs and steroid injections, which came with an alarmingly long list of side effects. My mother’s instinct told me that I could do more than just succumb to the belief that she would have this illness for life, so I set off on a mission to find the answers to healing her chronic disease. I studied naturopathy, Reiki, and read everything I could on the subject and after only one year of giving her a plant-based diet, certain supplements, and energy healing treatments she went into complete remission much to the surprise of the allopathic doctors who were treating her!

I was also suffering from anxiety at the time; however, anxiety had been a part of my life since I was a child and I learned to live with it. Then, a few years later I developed a host of other debilitating symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue, brain fog, and chronic attacks of vertigo which left me bedridden and jobless. That’s when my mother, who was suffering with fibromyalgia at the time, gave me a book called Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William.

I immediately began implementing the protocols and within a year I recovered my health, and over time I have managed to heal over 70 symptoms and conditions completely naturally thanks to the information in that book!

So, my daughter’s chronic illness is what led me to becoming a natural health practitioner and discovering my soul’s calling and my experience healing my own chronic health conditions was what led me to writing the book!

Me: What do you need to know before you start reading this book?

Taleta: All you need is an open mind, and a willingness to learn something new. The book contains a lot of thought-provoking information and to get the most out of it you must be open to receiving new information, which could end up being life-changing!

Me: What according to you is principle to self healing?

Taleta: The most important thing when it comes to self-healing is to acknowledge that we are much more than a physical body. We also have a soul, which records all the experiences we have in life, a spiritual heart, which serves as a compass for our actions, a spirit which is our willpower and strength, and an energetic system. Your heart, soul, spirit and energetic system are distinct parts of you that are all connected. We also need to consider our mental state and emotions. So healing is a delicate balance between all six aspects of our being. My book guides the reader through all six, to ignite healing on a deep level.

Me: You yourself have cured your illnesses and that of your daughter’s. Tell us more about it.

Taleta: Yes, my healing journey involved a lot of ups and downs, and I made many mistakes along the way. That is why I wrote the book. Because I wished there was a guidebook on self-healing when I set out to heal my own chronic health conditions! I owe a lot of my healing to Anthony William and the Medical Medium information. If it wasn’t for that first book, I believe I would still be suffering with poor health today!

Me: When and how did you learn about self-healing?

Taleta: I first discovered Medical Medium’s life-changing information in 2016 and that’s when I made a real conscious effort to heal myself. I had already healed my daughter, so I knew it was entirely possible, however, embarking on my own healing journey felt entirely different and a lot harder. For years I went from doctor to doctor, and I received numerous tests, however no one could explain what was wrong with me. I even had an MRI scan of my brain because my doctor thought I had a brain tumour, which was causing all my neurological symptoms. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! I went down many alternative healing paths too, but nothing helped. I even saw the top hypnotherapist in Sydney thinking that if I changed my thoughts and beliefs my anxiety would go away. Little did I know back then, there were very real physical reasons as to why I was plagued with anxiety and panic attacks, which left me agoraphobic.

If you are suffering with any type of chronic illness, please know that your thoughts are not the reason why you are sick. You did not manifest your illness. You are not attention seeking. No one wants to be sick! Another important thing to know is your genes aren’t faulty, your hormones aren’t to blame, and your body does not turn against you and attack you like what an auto immune illness suggests. Your body is always working hard for you.

In most cases, doctors don’t know what the root causes of chronic illness are, which is why chronic illness is a global epidemic. That’s the real pandemic right there!  We need to be focusing on preventative healthcare and addressing the six principles of healing, rather than relying on allopathic medicine which only treats the symptoms and not the root cause. Anthony William, the Medical Medium taught me that the root causes of chronic illness are toxins and pathogens, and we need to be actively cleansing them out of our bodies so that we can heal and avoid succumbing to chronic illness further down the track.

Me: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Taleta: When I’m not writing, I love creating health and wellness content. I also work with clients so they too can overcome their health challenges. My health and wellness business is my passion and I devote most of my time to it because it doesn’t feel like work! When I’m not “working” I love hanging out at home and playing with my two cats. I am fortunate enough to live beneath the majestic Remarkable Mountain range in the South Island of New Zealand and I love spending time outdoors and making the most of the beautiful scenery that surrounds me!

Me: What more should readers expect from this book?

Taleta: Readers should expect to have their beliefs challenged! Unfortunately, we are led to believe that certain things are healthy because they have huge financial backings, however some of these products or modalities that are labelled as being “healthy, “can make someone who is already suffering with chronic health problems sicker. Such as, products pushed by certain supplement and natural health companies, trendy fads that are pushed by influencers who have not suffered from chronic illness, and some branches of medical research and science that profits off us from being sick. My book does not buy into any of that. I have personally tried and tested every healing tool and technique inside of the book and I have only included what helped to heal my daughter and I.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Taleta: Yes, I have been working hard all year on a 12-week online healing course called Empowered to Heal, and It’s due to launch in the new year! I cannot wait to share this course with the world because I know it’s going to help a lot of people!

Taleta McDonald is a Certified Health Coach, Bioenergetics Practitioner, International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Qualified Freelance Journalist. Her wellness articles have been featured in various publications around the globe, including Elephant Journal, Investigate Magazine, and NZ Yoga Scene. She is the founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health, and she works with people from all over the world using her unique healing method, The Total Transformation Method, to help overwhelmed people recover from chronic health problems naturally.

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