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Thomas LeBrun has guarded the likes of Bill Gates, Elton John, and Whitney Houston as an Close Protection Specialist. It is my pleasure to host him on my blog as he releases his book Hiding in Plain Sight.

How did you enter into this vast world of security?

My desire to protect people started long before I entered the business, doing some local concerts and labour disputes. That being said a friend of mine did sound work for a major recording artist in the eighties and it piqued my interest of how to break into the entertainment business from a security standpoint. He actually tried to discourage me from doing it stating that it is a real tough business to get into. I heard him but my mind was made up and off I went to LA. My friend surprised that I actually showed up gave me contact numbers and the rest is history.

What are some of the big names you’ve worked with?

Some of the people I can mention are Whitney Houston, Elton John, Bill Gates, New Kids On The Block and various other HNW individuals and many more touring groups
Do you still remember your first assignment?
My first big touring project was 1991 world tour with NKOTB

What made you pen down Hiding in Plain Sight?

I am not a real big person, so many times when I had to speak with an autograph seeker or obsessed fan they most times say I didn’t even see you there..

How long did it take for it from an idea to become a reality?

I would say about eight-ten years, as I remember when John Lennon was shot in 1980 and I asked myself wasn’t there anyone with him or anyone that could watch his back as he was such an iconic figure. I created my company in 1988 with the vision of traveling the world to protect people that because of what they were representing ie. Music, business, or wealth I could perhaps make a difference in their lives from a security perspective

What’s one of the most challenging situation you had to face on duty?

There were many but the one that stands out is my trip to So. Africa in 1994. My job was to advance the country and its cities, primarily Johannesburg to make sure it was safe for a recording artist I represented. Very violent in that era. All of us that played a role agreed that the trip was a life changing experience.

What should readers expect from this book?

An honest look at my life, my challenges and my determination from age 5 onwards and how I wanted to inspire many people with my journey through life which included my security work , my discipline of working out and studying the academic part of the security world that I may be called to provide safe passage to many in this uncertain world of ours.

Are there any new projects underway?

Yes I will be finishing my next book called “Sticks and Stones” in about a month or so a Cameron Stone action thriller..Kind of like a Tom Clancy ish feel..
And yes, too, on the security front. But am not at liberty to disclose the locations…

Thomas LeBrun has guarded the likes of Bill Gates, Elton John, and Whitney Houston as an Close Protection Specialist. His illustrious career spans over three decades and forty-five countries. Within that time, he’s had plenty of adventures, incredible encounters, and tough jobs. For more than forty years he’s worked to improve his situational /protective awareness skills and has trained extensively in the defensive arts world.
Thomas lives in the Northeast and when he’s not reading or writing can be found working out. He’s also an academic who’s studied Anti-Terrorist subject matter, Maritime Security, and has taken extensive Executive Protection courses. His memoir discusses his life and career as a protector of influential people and all things related to martial arts, the Executive Protection industry, and his unique journey.

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