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It is my pleasure to host author Kathy Haan on my blog today. Her debut novel, Bedlam Moon: A Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance is available for purchase now.

What made you pen down Bedlam Moon?

Two days before NaNoWriMo 2020, I stumbled across an ad for the month-long novel writing sprint hundreds of thousands of people all over the world participate in. I had no plan, plot, or outline when I started to write. What spurred the location in the beginning of the book was a camping trip my family and I took near the Canadian border, in the middle of the woods off an old logging road just months prior. It was the perfect location away from everyone and everything.

How did you get into writing in these genres specifically—Paranormal and Reverse Harem?

I grew up reading R.L. Stine, so I always enjoyed paranormal elements. As far as reverse harem is concerned, I didn’t even know what a reverse harem was until I had already written it. I was burnt out writing one night and had a terrible COVID fever, so I opened up a new document titled “What If?” and wrote about her being with other men. I loved it so much, I kept it in the book. Only after writing the first draft did I realize I wrote a reverse harem, and I’ve since read dozens of them. Why choose when you can have them all?

Do you have a personal favourite boy from Lana’s harem?

Gideon is by far my favorite in book one—he’s an insatiable flirt and is very forward. You never have to wonder what he’s thinking, because he’ll tell you like it is.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? What’s that? I basically write, all the time. When my kids aren’t in school, I’m busy with them. They’re 16, 13, and 7. Pre-COVID, you could find me taking 1-3 international trips every month (travel blogger).

Bedlam Moon is the first book in the trilogy. Is the whole series already written or are you still in the process of writing them?

I’m about 22% of the way through writing book two, but I’m a fast writer. In fact, I wrote Bedlam Moon November 2020 while I had COVID, and that month I managed to write 160,000 words. Over the next year, I polished and whittled it down to 114,000 words before handing it off to my editor. By the time we were done with editing, it was down to just under 110,000 words. In less than a month book two will be ready for my editor—I have the entire book mapped out already.

What were the most difficult hurdles you had to get over while writing this series?

When I got COVID, I got really sick and dealt with it for months. One of my three children also has autism and sensory processing disorder, so I get interrupted just about every 30 seconds while writing. I have tremendous support from my husband, though.

Did you have a writing schedule?

I’m a bit of a night owl, so my husband gets the youngest up for school before he heads to work. I roll out of bed around 10 and start writing. I do this until 3pm when I have to walk to the school to pick up my youngest. Depending on his mood, we might play, and if he’s tired and wants a nap, I’ll write. As soon as he’s in bed at night, I write until two, maybe three in the morning. In addition to writing novels, business coaching, and blogging, I freelance write full-time. You might’ve seen my work in Forbes, where I’m a regular contributor.

Are there any new projects underway?

I have a tab on my “Notes” feature on my MacBook with a huge list of book ideas. I’m going to finish up this trilogy by August 1, and then I have a contemporary romance TikTok is begging me to write about a bull rider. After that I have a wolf shifter romance and then Bedlam Penitentiary series.

A blood descendant of Wild Bill Hickok and a long line of artists and creators, Kathy Haan believes the secret to telling a great story is living one. The second youngest, in a massive horde of children between her parents, she did her best to gain attention and kept everyone entertained with jokes and wild stories.

She lives a life of adventure with her hunky husband, three children, and two Great Pyrenees in Denver, Iowa; the mile-wide, not the mile-high. Her debut novel is a #1 New Release and #1 Bestseller. In addition to writing fiction, you might’ve seen her work in Forbes, where she’s a regular contributor. Or, in Notoriety Network’s 12x international award-winning documentary, #SHEROproject.

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