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It is my pleasure to host paranormal investigator enthusiast and author Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz on my blog today. Her books are available for purchase on Amazon.

Have you always believed in the world of paranormal?

The idea ghosts existed never crossed my mind until around age 9. As controversial as this unseen phenomena is and was back in the day, the topic was never discussed in my childhood home. When I began having experiences at my grandparent’s house (mother’s side), my situations there were always discounted and laughed off. I stayed at my grandparent’s house, many times alone, after school. My persistence in asking this question continued and again, always discounted as being my imagination.

When was your first encounter?

I may have had encounters before the age of 9 but I don’t recall them. From what I recall, my first experience or “real” encounter occurred in my grandparent’s home (mother’s side) when I was there alone after school. My way of ignoring my heightened anxiety staying there was to turn on the lights, turn up the television, sing, take a nap on their couch, or go sit out in their cold porch. One day after school, being there alone, I had been sleeping on their couch trying to pass the time away. My grandparents were out doing errands. I decided to take a nap to ignore the old house sounds. There came a point where I woke up hearing voices in the kitchen. I thought they were home. As I wandered to the kitchen, once I arrived to the door frame, I noticed there was no one in the kitchen and the atmosphere went dead silent. I knew at this point this wasn’t my imagination anymore. I began to sweat without a reason. I went and sat out in their cold porch until my mother arrived to pick me up.

Are you more confident in your recent encounters?

With my experiencing 100+ paranormal encounters and 3-4 extraterrestrial visitations, I certainly know the difference between environmental, imagined, and real situations. I rarely ever seek out ghostly activity anymore. Part of this is because I am an open empath and I have found that whomever or whatever is coming to me. These situations are not frightening. Most of the time, apparitions want to share a message with me about something. I am somewhat psychic. I am able to telepathically hear messages from apparitions. This skill is being developed over time.

What made you pen those down?

For years, you could never talk about this subject with anyone. The door opened a little when a few credible teachers and students from my high school wrote about their own ghost experience in their houses. I was fascinated. I finally had a foundation to open up a little more about what I had been experiencing. My writing about my experiences began when I decided to journal my experiences. These experiences turned into stories. These stories turned into ten self-published books. What I thought would be a personal journal launched itself in a form where I could engage and share my stories with others. I’m now writing Book 11.

Would you mind sharing an incident or two with our readers?

I have 100+ true stories. Where do I begin? Let’s start with a fact-based, evidence story. This story is about my photographing two apparitions who showed themselves to me in a screened window at my father’s childhood home. A tornado wind had hit the property the day before. You could hear the electricity in the air. I went there to see how badly the house was damaged. I was walking around on this property by myself. I was taking pictures of the house from all angles. It was an overcast day. The property had that dead silent sound I recalled hearing while in my grandparent’s house (mother’s side). When I had my film developed, I noticed a round ball in one of the upper windows. I thought to myself, “how did a ball get in the corner of this window.” I blew up the image on my laptop and discovered a young girl, showing herself to be about six years old, and an older man, hovering over her, about late 60’s, looking right at me. The young gal was smiling. The older man had a serious, curious look on his face. This image is what threw my ghost investigating into full force. I need to add that I hear messages telepathically. The message they gave to me was not only to see them, but to check a name on the family genealogy. I had written a name of this gal wrong under a picture. Sure enough, it was wrong and was corrected.

My next story is more of a thriller. When my husband and I stayed at a very haunted bed and breakfast in Wales, my experience there was life changing. This haunted bed and breakfast was known to have twelve apparitions of various ages. I had requested to stay in the most haunted room. They refused my request. I was allowed to stay in the 2nd most haunted room. This whole place felt dreadful and upon opening the door to this room, I could feel sickness, unhappiness, and a heavy feeling. Long story short, when we were going to bed, my husband threw some holy water toward the bed. It was at this point that he froze and as I was looking at a floor length Victorian mirror, it wiggled back and forth loosening its screws, and began cycling around in front of me. This traumatized me. There was no where else to sleep that night. I lied in bed feeling this cold presence hovered over me. I felt it sit on my legs. The wardrobe was open in the morning. I had a long discussion with the manager who told me that every time her staff goes into this room … something happens. Her daughter, the maid, would get her rear-end bumped by this mirror every time she bent over to vacuum the floor. Needless to say, this situation is perhaps my #1, most traumatic of all situations.

Do these threaten your safety?

In general, doing too much investigation into the paranormal can lead to health and safety issues. It is not advised to ghost hunt in your home. It is not advised to ghost hunt by yourself. The cycling mirror situation was meant to terrify me and chase me out of the room. I never left that room. However, remain traumatized by that experience. I have had other situations far worse when the unseen start to toy with your psychological health [giving you messages to hurt yourself, etc.]. Overall, if you set boundaries, do what you can to white light your body, say a prayer, and ask what you cannot see to not touch you in any way … you have a chance of not causing harm to your body.

Why do some people not witness the paranormal?

You would be surprised to learn that in various polls, 85% have experienced a form of paranormal activity. The whole world is haunted. Some are too afraid to discuss for fear of criticism. Personally, I witness enough for a lifetime. I’m not even looking for it. My husband witnessed his first visual apparition this year in an abandoned boat. He was always a non-believer until he went on this journey with me. He is a believer but is not sure what he is experiencing. He has strong religious beliefs.
A ghost can create its image and show for 3-5 seconds. I think my being an open-minded, high frequency, sensitive, empath, my telling my story helps others to open up about their own experiences. I have photographed faces of ghosts. I have video of intelligent orbs (light beings) flittering about. I even have evidence of a bloodred handprint that showed up on my body. Where did the handprint come from? It’s not my husband’s and its certainly not mine.

I have had enough paranormal witnessing for a lifetime. However, most who deny or do not believe in this stuff will find other answers to create their own story about what occurred. Those of us in the field know we are not here to convince anyone. Some people will never have an experience. Logical thinkers have a more difficult time than creative-minded thinkers to have an experience.
What else should readers expect from your book?
Education. My book chapters are set up to show an illustrated or actual picture, I tell my story, I put into the chapter numerous definitions to help analyze the situation, I question the situation as someone who is a skeptic, and then, by the time it wraps up … the person is educated about the phenomena or experience.

Are there any new projects underway?

I have just begun to journal some of my more recent encounters with both the paranormal and extraterrestrial. If my life continues on a similar journey experiencing the paranormal, I will have enough for Book 11. The other exciting news is that I will be featured at a UFO Mega Conference, Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2022. As a workshop presenter, I will be sharing my stories to engage audience discussion using the same format in my books.

Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is no stranger to encountering paranormal-unexplained “extraterrestrial” phenomena.

Known as an “experiencer,” she has had more than 100+ paranormal and 3-4 perceived extraterrestrial encounters since the age of 9. Situations that bring many questions. An open-minded sensitive-intuitive-empath, Dr. Schutz was thrust into paranormal discovery by her mid-thirties becoming “a student” of controversial and unexplained observations. She has unlimited stories.

Kelly feels the reason the unexplained is attracted to her is because of her high energy frequency and ability to communicate. She is also believed to be a Starseed child.

Dr. Schutz, a Minnesota native, hosts and produces a highly ranked (top 1-5) show called “Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series” heard on various platforms. She also runs her shows on the Para-X Radio Network (Philadelphia, PA). An unconventional approach, she has entertained thousands w/85+ episodes noting 200,000+ downloads (to date).

Connect with Dr. Schutz through her website, or:


Facebook: drkellyschutz and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series

Skype: live:krschutz1

Zoom: live:krschutz1

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