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Meet DR. KELLY RENEE SCHUTZ, paranormal investigator enthusiast and a trending podcast host

You think paranormal experiences are rare? You think you never had one and never would? Think again. 

“The whole world is haunted.  Some are just too afraid to discuss for fear of criticism.”

According to Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz, more than 85% people all over the world experience paranormal events on a daily basis. One just needs to pay more attention to the happenings to observe.

Dr. Schutz is a paranormal investigator and the host and producer of the popular radio show, “Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series”. She remembers her first paranormal encounter at the age of 9 in her grandparents’ house, which initially shook her, and then instigated her into finding out more about her unexplained experiences. By mid-thirties she was completely thrust into paranormal discovery. Her findings from her own experiences along with that of others have been phenomenal. “I think my being an open-minded, high frequency, sensitive, empath, my telling my story helps others to open up about their own experiences.”

Dr. Schutz has authored 10 books since then, with book 11 already in the works. It will further her stories experienced in the paranormal as well as recent extraterrestrial visitations. Her books aims to impart education on the subject surrounding the paranormal and provide more clarity to readers regarding their experiences. Her most recent books, “Manifestations” and “Message Received” continue to rise in popularity.

Over the years, Dr. Schutz has spoken and participated in numerous conferences, workshops, sharing her experiences with people all round the globe.

Apart from a professional career in education, management, and law, Dr. Schutz has five advanced degrees in the areas of human ecology, communications, education, management, and a paralegal litigation certification in law. As a voice artist, she has published a 22-segment comedic and paranormal themed CD titled “Maynard and Mildred” with a 2nd CD in production titled, “The Adventures of Mildred.”  She offers several freelance gigs on doing work in paranormal, relationship life coaching, and voiceover work.

Schutz is under consideration by the ABC Network in Hollywood to be on a new game show.

Connect with Dr. Schutz through her website, or:


Facebook: drkellyschutz and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series

Skype: live:krschutz1

Zoom: live:krschutz1

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