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It is my pleasure to host author J. R. Blackmore on my blog today. His book After Genocide: Awakening is currently available for pre-order.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

In a typical sense yes. Growing up I would constantly create scenarios within my head following actions of my peers. My mind began with the possible outcomes and my mind would create the story.

What made you pen down After Genocide: Awakening?

It dates back at least fifteen years. The project originally began with just After Genocide. Awakening is set as a prequel to that lost manuscript. Something just about a dystopian future always intrigued me. Basically, the story follows just a normal woman and her friends in survival mode. My previous co-worker would discuss what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. So, taking the concept of some knowledge and just basic life and voila, it was born. A constant adventure of past and present exploring how the protagonist (Anna) begins as a weak, needing protection character, to this tough Xena warrior princess woman. Loss. Fear. Survival. Just a few key features.


How much do your story takes away from the present world?

Well aside from my imagination of creating the characters based on actual people (although some names have been changed), certain location spots are (but not necessarily in the same spot) identical, think of it like mother nature fighting back. Have a look around. We destroy habitats and force natural predators to hunt in our zones of living. The amazon rainforest acted once as the main filter for our oxygen yet that has gone up in smoke as well. We kill this earth slowly, yet above all the tiniest organisms are what kill us. We are not the ultimate species around, microorganisms are. COVID19 proved just how easily nature can fight back. Vaccines can help prevent, but not necessarily destroy. The point of this is what if nature fought back with something worse, our species would be in survival mode and yet instead of understanding, most would be fighting. Our main character attempts to understand yet defends herself at the same time.

Will this be a series or is it a standalone?

A series. Much story to explore. Each book will consist of new characters with their own storyline. For example, a family man securing his wife and children in what they feel is safe or what they have heard is safe. A lone ranger person hoping to die who finds new meaning in life by saving somebody at random. All which intertwine with our main character at some point (Anna) as their story ends. Anna’s story will continue as the main source. However, I will expand towards characters in other countries as well.

Are there any new projects underway?

Several, I am constantly flooded with ideas just not enough finger power to type them all. More in the Genocide stories, also a fantasy novel which requires some finishing touches. Expanding ideas through many genres.

J.R. Blackmore is the author of After Genocide: Awakening, the first of many in a series exploring character stories. He lives in Texas with his family and brat of a dog Monster. He currently takes inspiration from George A. Romero films when developing ideas along the lines with The Elder Scrolls games for his fantasy series.

Connect with J. R. Blackmore on:

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