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Interview with author Jordan Spicer|Author Interview

It is my pleasure to host author Jordan Spicer on my blog today. His book Tales of Reverba: A New Ripple is available for purchase now.

Tell us a little about Tales of Reverba: A New Ripple.

Tales of Reverba: A New Ripple is the second book in the Tales of Reverba series and the first book in The Story of Water series. It introduces Aditi, a young woman from India, with dreams of sailing the sea. A New Ripple provides readers with another point of view of the large, colourful and at times dangerous world that is Reverba, while also building on what New Ember introduced.

Describe your main character, Aditi, in three words.


Driven, Playful, Smart

Does the plot pick up from where Tales of Reverba: A New Ember left?

No. Think of New Ember and New Ripple as two different stories in the same universe/series. Think Iron man and Thor movies two different storylines in the same universe where eventually both will intersect with each other. We just need to introduce a few more characters before they start “assembling”.

How is your writing your second book different from your debut?

I would say I had a better roadmap for the book. It took significantly less time to write compared to New Ember. I would say New Ember provided a pretty solid foundation for the next books in the series. Outside of that I also had a better grasp of post writing steps such as editing, proofreading, marketing and just overall confidence in both my story and the process.

Did you have a writing schedule?

Mostly I do a little in the mornings before work, then at night after work. Sometimes I’ll find a little time to write at work, but rarely. I did a lot of my writing on Saturday. I typically reserve that day for long stretches of writing in between doing chores like laundry or dishes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play Dungeons and Dragons, play video games, watch anime, look at artwork and share it with friends, fencing, rock climbing, going on walks, I also daydream a lot, I would say that makes up a lot of my spare time depending on the situation. So if you ever see me just staring off into the distance randomly I’m probably deep in a daydream.

When should readers expect the next book in the series?

It’s difficult to really say. On one hand, as I get more experience, I’m producing books faster. On the other hand, life is unpredictable. I would say the best bet is around this time next year, if not sooner.

Jordan Spicer is a young African-American, who longed to write stories with faraway worlds filled with gigantic monsters, developed cultures and species, exotic foods and lots of magic. When he is not writing, leading his D&D group into battle (Or deadly traps), you can either find him rock climbing, clashing swords in a fencing match, watching anime or simply enjoying a good game. If you wish to support him on this journey you can find out more about him and his books by going to or by following him on

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