Dystopia · Fantasy


Title: A Light From The Ashes

Author: Rachel Anne Cox

Genre: Dystopian

Publication Date: September 30th, 2019

Publisher: GlassSpider Publishing

In the future wasteland of Virginia, Sam, the son of revolutionaries, wants nothing more than to leave the violence of his past behind him, but the impending Third Revolution and the two women he loves may not let him. It is the Year of 42, and Sam travels back home after spending seven years in a work camp to find his childhood sweetheart, Gemma, married to another man and helping to lead another rebellion against the corrupt government. Society has devolved into a pre-industrial agrarian world devoid of electricity and personal freedom. With the echoes of war still ringing in their ears and hearts, the citizens try to live in relative peace and not incur the wrath of the ruling Triumvirate and their army of Corsairs. But another revolution is on the horizon and this time, the women are leading the charge.With his newly adopted family, Sophie and young Ethan, Sam encounters old enemies and adapts to his new life while trying to maintain the tentative peace which has prevailed in the land. Sam must navigate the fine lines between peace and rebellion, love and hate, in a world unforgiving of past and present offenses. Vowing to protect another lost generation of children, Sophie and Sam approach the looming threat of war in different ways as they attempt to find what little humanity is left in an inhumane world, and within themselves. A strong ensemble of diverse characters paves the way to a new future free of the past.

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A Light From The Ashes by Rachel Anne Cox is a post war dystopian novel that will pump you up with all the feelings of self righteousness.

The undercurrent of the setting is the birth of another rebellion and the world built by the author is dynamic. It very vivid and a lot grows on you. The story is exciting, thrilling and dark. The character building is gradual and the writing is effortless.

Though it is a pretty lengthy book, it is all consuming and you cannot help but be engrossed in it throughout.

My Rating: 4.5/5


Dulcinea and The Death Code by Victoria Ray|Book Review

Title: Dulcinea and The Death Code

Author: Victoria Ray

Pages: 197 pages (Ebook)

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Publication Date: June 9, 2019

Publisher: Self Published

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If somebody had told you that you were born under mysterious circumstances, that you appeared on Earth as a baby and nobody knew how you were born – grown by aliens, popped into existence by an invisible gravity force, or assembled in some kind of DNA-factory – wouldn’t you find it absolutely frightening? Knowing that you aren’t you, losing your identity and mind, feeling that it isn’t normal for you to be here, because you are part of something else, but still the part of the Universe. I am asking you: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? 

A mysterious world. 
A girl that had never been born. 
A strange crack in the backyard that follows you wherever you go. 
Death and disappointment. 
The journey through the curved space. 

It all waits to be discovered in Dulcinea and The Death Code – an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and reality in a thrilling reading experience. Fourteen-year-old Dulcinea is moving from sunny Sumter, South Carolina to frigid Sweden. She is followed by the glowing crack and the strange gravitational sound that has been there her whole life. What it is and why it follows her is a complete mystery. Through her journey, Dulcinea discovers her abilities, while coming to grips with the fact that she is far from human. This knowledge is very dangerous – not only for Dulcinea, but for everyone she meets during this electrifying trip to the place called A-Ria. Dulcinea and her incredible new friends learn that the secret they discover might help those they love… and the Earth itself. 

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A spine-tingling young adult fantasy book Dulcinea and The Death Code will be an exhilarating read for teens, adults and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows of the Unknown Universe. 

Dulcinea and The Death Code by Victoria Ray is a young adult fantasy and a very unique one at that. It is about a girl Dulcinia who can fore see people’s death for reasons unknown to her. But as she arrives in Sweden and finds herself among a group of teenagers just like her, all bestowed with some unique power, she sets out to explore herself and in the process, much more .

The book is interesting and offbeat. It is written in lucid language and thus is easy to read and follow. The world building is gradual and effortless to get into. Descriptions are vivid but not over done or boring.

But the plot had a lot more potential than what has been done with it. Plus a lot of questions and situations were left unanswered at the end. But as it happens to be a part of the series probably those will be answered in the next one.

Also I love the cover and the title of the novel. Both are so attractive.

My Rating: 4/5



Title: David Mogo, Godhunter

Author: Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Pages: 360 pages (Paperback)

Genre: Own voice Fantasy

Publication Date: July 9, 2019

Publisher: Abaddon

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Nigerian God-Punk – a powerful and atmospheric urban fantasy set in Lagos.

Since the Orisha War that rained thousands of deities down on the streets of Lagos, David Mogo, demigod, scours Eko’s dank underbelly for a living wage as a freelance Godhunter. Despite pulling his biggest feat yet by capturing a high god for a renowned Eko wizard, David knows his job’s bad luck. He’s proved right when the wizard conjures a legion of Taboos—feral godling-child hybrids—to seize Lagos for himself. To fix his mistake and keep Lagos standing, David teams up with his foster wizard, the high god’s twin sister and a speech-impaired Muslim teenage girl to defeat the wizard.

Nigerian myths and legend intertwined with storyline, David Mogo Godhunter starts on a promising note. The plot is authentic and interesting.

When heaven bursts and Gods fall off to earth, David Mogo, a demigod takes it on himself to help people of Lagos with the godling infestation. But soon everything swirls down…

I absolutely loved the world building and the atmosphere Suyi set the novel in but struggled with the pace. It feels like(actually is) 3 novellas strung together. I genuinely feel that if I had an idea about it earlier or had the time jumps been cushioned, it would have had more of an impact.

Written in first person pov, the characters and their languages will fascinate you. All over, I’ll recommend David MogoGodhunter if you’re looking for an own voice African fantasy.

Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the gorgeousness of the cover art. Such a beauty.

My Rating: 3.75/5

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Title: Soul Of The Sword

Author: Julie Kagawa

Pages: 464 pages (Paperback)

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: June 27, 2019

Publisher: HQ|An imprint of Harper

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One thousand years ago, a wish was made to the Harbinger of Change and a sword of rage and lightning was forged. Kamigoroshi. The Godslayer. It had one task: to seal away the powerful demon Hakaimono.
Now he has broken free.

Kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko has one task: to take her piece of the ancient and powerful scroll to the Steel Feather temple in order to prevent the summoning of the Harbinger of Change, the great Kami Dragon who will grant one wish to whomever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. But she has a new enemy now. The demon Hakaimono, who for centuries was trapped in a cursed sword, has escaped and possessed the boy she thought would protect her, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan.

Hakaimono has done the unthinkable and joined forces with the Master of Demons in order to break the curse of the sword and set himself free. To overthrow the empire and cover the land in darkness, they need one thing: the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. As the paths of Yumeko and the possessed Tatsumi cross once again, the entire empire will be thrown into chaos.

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Soul of the Sowrd, is the second installment to the Shadow of the Fox series by Julie Kagawa and I bow down to her for that spectacular world building! The descriptions of both, the creatures and the atmosphere were set so very vividly. Rooted in Japanese mythology and folklore, Soul of the Sowrd is dark and engrossing!!

Yumeko, the main pov is innocent and pretty trusting. Her character develops throughout the story as she takes on a new mission. You’ll love her. You’ll feel for Tatsumi. Empathise with him as you get a back story. Also there’s a fair share of supporting characters and you’ll appreciate them for their loyalty and friendship.

The pace and the writing is decent. And though the plot line is somewhat tight with actions and things at stakes, it’s a story, driven by character and their experiences for me. It would be exciting to see how Julie Kagawa decides to end the series with the third and the final book.

My Rating: 4/5

Fantasy · Historical


Title: Upon A Burning Throne

Author: Ashok Banker

Pages: 352 pages (Paperback)

Genre: Mythical Fantasy

Publication Date: May 14, 2019

Publisher: Simon and Schuster India

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In a world where demigods and demons walk among mortals, the emperor of the vast Burnt Empire has died, leaving a turbulent realm without a leader. Two young princes, Adri and Shvate, are in line to rule but birthright does not guarantee inheritance: Any successor must sit upon the legendary Burning Throne and pass The Test of Fire. Imbued with dark sorceries, the throne is a crucible that incinerates the unworthy.
Adri and Shvate are not the sole heirs to the empire, there is another with a claim to power, another who also survives. When this girl, whose father is the powerful demonlord Jarsun, is denied her claim by the interim leaders, Jarsun declares war, vowing to tear the Burnt Empire apart – leaving the young princes Adri and Shvate to rule a shattered realm embroiled in rebellion and chaos.

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Upon A Burning Throne is a mythical fantasy divided into four parts that spread over different timelines.

Inspired by the Mahabharata, this story too revolves around a throne. The two princes Adri and Shvate is in the line to the throne ( though considered I’ll suited for one being blind and other alpino) and passes the test of Fire proving themselves worthy. But they are not the only one to pass the test and bloodline doesn’t seem enough to guarantee you an inheritance. And when the daughter of Jarsun too survives the test and claims her right, the empire is thrown into chaos.

Though inspired by the age old epic, Upon A Burning Throne is very much original in its own essence and narrative. The plot is thick with rich characters. And the world building is unique and mystifying. Told through multiple povs the writing is gripping.

Took me some time to get in but the ride after I settled was an experience in itself. Will leave to anticipating the next installment. Definitely recommended.

My Rating



Title: We Are Blood and Thunder

Author: Kesia Lupo

Pages: 400 (Paperback)

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Bloomsbury YA|Bloomsbury India

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In a sealed-off city, it begins with a hunt. A young woman, Lena, running for her life, convicted of being a mage and sentenced to death. Her only way to survive is to trust those she has been brought up to fear – those with magic.
On the other side of the locked gates is a masked lady, Constance, determined to find a way back in. She knows only too well how the people of Duke’s Forest loathe magic. Years ago she escaped before her powers were discovered. But now she won’t hide who she is any longer.
A powerful and terrifying storm cloud unites them. It descends over the dukedom and devastates much in its wake. But this is more than a thunderstorm. This is a spell, and the truth behind why it has been cast is more sinister than anyone can imagine … Only Lena and Constance hold the key to destroying the spell. Though neither of them realise it, they need each other. They are the blood and they have the thunder within.

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Lena is a cryptling running for her life from Duke’s Forest. Constance, a mysterious woman returning home.The story is said through their alternate POVs. Saying anything more will probably be a spoiler.

The Plot/Development: Kesia Lupo set a very original and an intriguing plot. And the world building is amazingly well done. The setting is mystical from the very start. What I’m glad and thankul about is that Kesia Lupo stayed away from the popular cliched tropes. But the pace of the falters at quite a few points.
The Ending: The best part of this book is the ending. I did not see it coming. Definitely unpredictable and well done.

The Characters: Lena’s character and how it played out was pretty boring through out. While that of Constance’s intruiged me. So many layers were to unfold. There were a few secondary character such as Emris and Winton, about whom I did not care much about. While I felt a strong adoration for Xander.

The Writing: The Writing was easy to get into and was one of the best things about this book.

I will give We Are Blood and Thunder a 3.8 stars.

My Rating: 3.8/5

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on this?