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Today I will be hosting author Ramon Geronimo on my blog.

Me: Have you ever thought you’d end up writing a book?

Ramon: I thought eventually I would write a book but I thought my first book would be in Spanish. Some people called it muse, inspiration I just called it listening. I might be doing something unrelated when words and sentences come to me and I have to write otherwise they would continue repeating in my head. So I always keep notes in my phone and some of those notes I wrote many years ago and it didn’t make sense to me at the moment but then it clicked and I was able to used them in a specific narrative that came later on to me.

Me: What made you pen down Angel of Hope?

Ramon: Domestic Violence. During Quiero Ser Pelotero, a reality show I directed and produced in the Dominican Republic which helped generate college scholarships through baseball, I encountered a lot of young athletes with traumas related to domestic violence and that translated into their performance, and in some cases prevented a professional contract. Then when I decided to pursue my second major in Computer Science, my roommate was also a young kid who was a victim of domestic violence so I wanted to write something that would raise awareness using some of the extreme elements of having a very powerful man who everyone feared, a drug lord, and his relationship with his wife that takes all the abuse because of her son. The hero in the story is someone she met who wants to run away with her. The whole Capture Narcos is just my way to tell a simple story and raise awareness to help stop domestic violence.

Authors' Spotlight


Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author ME JONES on my blog.

Me: What made you pen down 20 20 Vision?

Whilst A Childs was in pain, I was studying for a degree in Horticulture and working full time, I recieved an invite over to see Childs when I was asked if I would help. I was wondering what I would do once I’d finished my degree so it was perfect timing. We both see that the earth needs help, that humans take the natural world to much for granted, and that the natural world is so full of amazing things that are being lost. Childs is  a warrior and sometimes has to remember you catch more flies with honey!!

Me: You have not only amalgamated fantasy and thrill in your book but have delivered a pivotal message through it. How important was the later part for you? 

The message that we share the planet and do not own it is something that humans need to understand, by destroying the planet we are destroying ourselves and our children’s future with it. The fact that the message goes hand in hand with unique and thrilling story is a bonus. If it helps just a handful of people re-think their lives then its a start.

Me: What made you specifically write on this one?

What else is there?

Me: Did you already have the message and plot figured out when you started writing it? Or did it evolve as you want on?

Childs had the inspiration and I work as a sounding board, helping bouncing ideas around – Childs mind bounces everywhere at once, I help catch and translate those ideas.

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Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author A. CHILDS on my blog.

Me: What made you pen down 20 20 Vision?

Pain. Spent three years in agony, wondering why I could not see properly and unable to sit up. Wanted to do something useful even if I could not work in Horticulture again. Started off drawing joke cartoons about the environment. I wanted to share my knowledge of nature and the issues that affect it. A friend suggested I should write a children’s story. Gradually the age content of my writing went upwards being too graphic for toddlers. I also found I needed a mentor, someone to co-write to share and add to the experience. Mainly to prevent me from putting forward a harsher stance because the audience need time to think, to visualise, ultimately to change. Also to remind me that toddlers and gore do not go together. That life should be fun and taken at a slower pace.

Me: You have not only amalgamated fantasy and thrill in your book but have delivered a pivotal message through it. How important was the later part for you?

I read a book called Gaia when I was at college. I decided I wanted to grow trees rather than have them cut down for the furniture I was designing and making. I realised that all the local wildlife species, flora or fauna around me in whichever country I was in, was in decline. Gaia is about being out in space and looking back at mother earth and seeing it as a finite resource. I want my books to reach out to people to help them imagine themselves out in that space and looking back directly seeing themselves as a finite resource and how they are interconnected with everything on earth. We all live in this beautiful fantasy world. We have a multitude of creatures and atoms around us. We just need to look out for these magical beings and entities, and appreciate that we need to share this world with them more fairly.

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Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author Alexis Williams on my blog.

Me: Have you ever thought you’d end up writing a book?

Alexis: No I didn’t. I’ve always loved to read and write but the most I have ever written was a college paper which was only a few pages long, so I am extremely proud of myself for completing this book!

Me: What made you pen this down?

Alexis: One day I was having girl talk with my friend and we started reminiscing about our college days and the mistakes we made. I was like I should write a book about to How To Get Through College. After that, I started writing things down that I went through during college. I did go through a stage where I stopped writing for a couple of months because life happened,and I was doubting myself, but I got it done.

Me: What’s the most difficult aspect of college according to you?

Alexis: Staying focused was most difficult for me. There were so many different things coming my way such as parties, friends, boyfriend, studying, etc and I felt like I was being pulled in different directions. If I would have stayed focused, I would have been able to study more and receive better grades.

Me: The book is scheduled to release on November 1. How are you feeling?

Alexis: Wheeww, I’ve been having so many different emotions I feel excited yet scared at the same time. This is something that I have never done beforeand I am putting this out to the world. I have always been an overthinker, so I keep thinking about what people are going to think of my book, good and bad. However, I have come to the realization that I am going to receive good and bad criticism but I am confident that individuals will enjoy reading this book.

Me: Describe your college life in 3 words.

Alexis: Challenging, stressful, and memorable.

Me: Will you mind sharing an anecdote from then?

Alexis: I had a really hard time passing my math classes during college. I remember my last semester in college I had to retake my statistics class before I received my diploma because I failed the class. During that time, I did not have any additional financial aid money. I had to use all of the money that I received from friends and family at my graduation party to pay to retake the statistics class! I was so upset with myself for not putting my all into passing the class the first time! Thankfully, I ended up passing the class with a B!

Me: What should readers expect from this book?

Alexis: Readers should expect to read my experience while attending college and the mistakes that I made and what I wish someone told me. Readers should expect tobe motivated, encouraged, and inspired. Readers will also be guided to complete various activities that is intended to empower the reader to follow their dreams and pursue finding their purpose, drive, and vision.

Me: Are there any new projects underway?

Alexis: Not currently. Once school resumes in person I would like to attend school events to promote my book.

Alexis Williams was born and raised in various locations in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a single-parent household and is the youngest child. Alexis Williams is the first in her family to graduate college. She received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University Los Angeles and is currently working at her dream job. Alexis is well known for being goal-driven, staying focused, and being open-minded. Her compassion, willingness to help others, and her transparency has helped her become who she is today. Alexis’s goal is to become a mentor to individuals about the difficulties in completing college and overcoming fears.

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Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author Dr. Alok Chandra on my blog.

Dr Alok Chandra Ph D CPSCM ™ GDSCP ™ Alumnus IIMB

Me: What is success, according to you?

Dr. Alok: In my opinion, success means the life you genuinely desire.  Success frameworks are the same for all people and all professions. It may be, youraim  to be the top sales representative in your company, lose weight, acquire your desire house– or end up being a world-class expert athlete, rock celebrity, acclaimed reporter, multimillionaire, or successful entrepreneur. The principles and techniques coincide. And also if you learn them, assimilate them, and even use them with the approach every day, they will change your life past your wildest dreams.

Me:  How important is a right mindset in achieving success?

Dr. Alok: Yes, the right mindset and an unwavering belief in on your own, as well as your desires, is critical. This book assists you to transform your vision into a set of concrete objectives and also an action plan for attaining them and how to harness the extraordinary power of affirmations and visualisation– two of the most incredible success tricks of all Olympic athletes, top entrepreneurs, global leaders, and also high achievers.

My book will aid you to eliminate any kind of psychological as well as psychological blocks you may need to success. It’s not nearly enough to understand what to do. You additionally need to understand the methodology for getting rid of self-defeating ideas, anxieties, and habits that are holding you back. Like driving your vehicle with the emergency brake on, these blocks can significantly reduce your development. You must learn just how to release the brakes, or you will certainly always experience life as a struggle as well as disappoint your intended goals.

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Today it’s my pleasure to be hosting author John A. Reaves on my blog.

Me: What made you publish Will I Always Be A ____ In America? A Black Man’s Reflections on Living In America?

John: I was prompted to write Will I Always Be A ____ In America–10 essays that I wrote to share my feelings and experience as Black man in America. Being an educated Black man with several academic and professional accomplishments, my sense of being is reduced to my skin color.

Me: Will you take us through the process of getting this collection together?

John: It started with an essay I wrote and sent to friends called “We Want to Live.” This was the first time I publicly wrote about my father and how his death impacted me. I was nine years old when he died. I sent the essay out to several friends and family member. The essay resonated with may of them and I decided to write more.  I also believe COVID-19 and the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery sparked me to push forward and write about my experiences as a Black man in America.

Me: Not only the pivotal topic of racism is explored in here but it even provides possible solution for it. Will you tell us more about it?