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Interview with Natalia Krogul, the co-founder of the Uncover app

It is such a pleasure to host the co-founder of the Uncover app, Natalia Krogul on my blog today. Her app Uncover is the reader’s dream. Download it from Play Store.

What exactly is the Uncover app?

Uncover is for sure a new way to explore books. In the app you can find book recommendations from other users grouped by them into themed collections. You can scroll trough them as on any other social media like instagram or pinterest.
It is the only mobile app which allows users to search books by tags so it’s exceptional book finder for every occasion, need or mood.
But all in all this is the platform that gathers creative people passionate about their favourite topics, genre or characters who are inviting you to take a look on their bookshelves.

How is it different from Goodreads?

I don’t think there is even a need to compare Uncover with Goodreads. We’re now in a perfect moment for book lovers, finally bookish apps are flourishing! There was a time that there was no alternative for Goodreads, now the market is changing. Readers can choose the platform that is tailored to their needs. Uncover should be a go to choice for curious readers who are craving connections with other book lovers like them. You can find and follow users that match you taste with ease. If you like to read at your own time and pace without a pressure to read fast or write long reviews, if you are seeking inspiration and want to have some fun, we are the alternative for you.

What made you create it?

Our everyday world is very efficiency- driven. I’ve noticed that lately it spread into reading habits as well. I couldn’t find any app that would just make me feel joy of collecting and recommending books without putting an effort. I imagined endless stream of little book worlds and a database that can find you a book on every topic or mood. And that how Uncover became an idea for a product.
Without paid reviews and stars, without dull genres, immense categories or another bestseller lists but with the community of people who are sharing their passions, knowledge and stories with books they are reading. Let the topic bring people together.

Is this the first app you’ve created?

For me that’s the first one, yes! Having my own bookish app was kind of my dream for a long time. The idea was flourishing in my mind a while. I’m so happy that it actually happened! Andrew, Uncover cofounder on the other hand is an experienced app developer, creating android apps for years.

Tell us little about the brainstorming sessions.

It is much harder than we anticipated. Lots of sleepless nights and constant idea changing is just the tip of the iceberg. But it is very rewarding at the same time. When you finally get to this one idea that makes you smile, everything changes and you know that this time and effort was worth it.

What languages does the app support?

Currently we only support English as the main app language but we do encourage all people to come in and test it out. Of course you can still make collections in other languages and get discovered by everyone.

From where can readers download it from?

For now it’s available only in Google Play but everybody keeps asking for iOS version, so we will do everything that’s in our power to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Tell us a little more about the app and your vision regarding it.

Of course. The Uncover community is still growing but we’re creating safe, non-judgemental space to chill out being surrounded by books. For now the features we’re building are focused around creativity. We want our users to have fun and create something special. Of course we will develop the platform according to our users needs but the goal stays the same- to bring back the pleasure of reading!

Uncover Founders:

Natalia Krogul: The right brain of the project, product owner and first of all book lover. If you check her books and collections in Uncover you would learn that she’s a plant lady with the obsession on puzzles and mysteries.

Andrew Ryl: The left brain of the project, responsible for the tech part of the platform. Find he’s profile in app to discover new books about mafia, actors and any other scandalous topics.



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Professional Billionaire- Billionaire Bootcamp by Gerry Meyer|Book Spotlight

It is my pleasure to spotlight the bool Professional Billionaire- Billionaire Bootcamp by author Gerry Meyer on my blog today. It is available for purchase now.

Title: Professional Billionaire – Billionaire Bootcamp

Author: Gerry Meyer  

Publisher: Blurb

Pages: 326 pages (Paperback)

Genre: Business, Self-help

Publication Date: 2 November 2021

Buy Link: Amazon




As a future BILLIONAIRE, the most important conversation with yourself: If you want to be a BILLIONAIRE, you have to change your habits and make it instantly happen. There is a luxury or there is the old pattern of your old habits. If you change your subconscious mindset, your habits start to shift. If your old habits change = Your LIFE changes. Take the first step. All human beings can achieve their goals. The main issue is, you are not a tree programed by the creator to be a tree. If you plant a tree it can only grow. The tree can never be a human being or an African lion. A bird can never be a tree. The horse can never be an African zebra. I really can say that you can change and re-program your mind into the mindset of a BILLIONAIRE. Our wrong pattern mindset has not been programed to think like a universal BILLIONAIRE. We have been programed to think like employees as someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck. The case is you have been born to be a BILLIONAIRE. If we go back to the animal kingdom: Why is an eagle called the king of the bird domain? Because he flies in an atmosphere where no ordinary bird can follow him. Why is the lion called the king of the animal kingdom? Because that big cat demands its respect. The African lion is not taller than an elephant; an African lion is not heavier than an elephant; the subconscious mind of a lion does not allow him to run away from a massive elephant. He vibrates subconsciously as the king of the animal kingdom. Warren Buffett, the second richest man, has been programed to vibrate subconsciously as one of the richest men the world has ever seen. He can´t be any other than to vibrate on the frequency of a BILLIONAIRE. He has been programed to be among the richest men on the planet. See, you must re-write a new program that changes your subconscious frequency into the mindset of a BILLIONAIRE. A mindset that demands billions of dollars.

For more:


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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Love Attemt by author Morhaf Al Achkar

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to spotlight the new release, A Love Attemt by author Morhaf Al Achkar. Click here to check it out this essential guide to love.

Book Description

Developing your emotional intelligence? Learn simple and practical techniques to cultivate your love competence…

◆ Everyone wants love. We’re so desperate for it that we are frequently willing to take any deformed shape of it. But what if we can bring in the idea in a developed and genuine form to make it available to every person?

Morhaf Al Achkar obtained his Ph.D in education and is currently a practicing family physician at the University of Washington. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Since then, his research has focused on the experience of patients living with cancers. His first book is based on interviews he did with 39 patients who live, like him, with advanced illness. He explored how these patients find meaning, cope, and build resilience. Using his deep understanding of philosophical concepts, Morhaf shares his understanding of love from the perspective of someone aware of his finitude.

◆ By following his easy-to-apply practical exercises, Morhaf invites you on a journey of dialogue and reflection to improve your Empathic Abilities.

Inside A Love Attempt, you’ll learn:

  • The Pragmatics of Love
  • How to Love by recognizing and capturing the opportunity.
  • How to reconstruct what is being and learn about context and biography to communicate with love
  • How to become oriented to understanding and agreement to act communicatively with Love
  • How to develop a strategy to reinforce and abstract some learning about yourself to Become Authentic with Love
  • And much, much more!

◆ A Love Attempt™ is the third book in Dr. Alachkar’s self-help series. The first was on Resilience and Meaning. The second, his memoir, was released only six months before the first draft of this project. In Being Authentic, he wrote ideas about love but did not develop them sufficiently. So he is completing that project here◆

◆ Dr. Alachkar’s elegant but transparent manuscript is packed with thought-provoking insights and concrete action steps to make salient our native competency for loving so we can then orient our next actions toward embracing love. If you want to learn the conceptualization of love and say “My next act is A Love Attempt!” then you can’t afford to miss Morhaf’s essential guide.

✓ Unlock your true love potential with this easy-to-follow guide Today! ♥

Click here to check out other books by Dr. Alachkar.

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Book Spotlight:Camping Log and Activities for 2021: Two Week Log and Fun Things to Do by author Satiety McCollumby author Satiety McCollum

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to spotlight the new release, Camping Log and Activities for 2021: Two Week Log and Fun Things to Do by author Satiety McCollum. It is a 138 paged great resource to keep track of your camping journey. Click here to check it out.

Book Description

You need this book to keep better memories and for a place to keep your mementos and souvenirs.. In an easy to use format, the question and answer prompts help to keep records of people you meet, things you did, favorite places and activities, and pages to encourage creativity by writing your own game. At the back is a place to write phone numbers, messages, or to tape photos and maps. If well filled out, this is better than a photo album and will be a great memory book and fun for future family to see.


Click here to check out other books by Satiety.

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Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to spotlight the extremely popular #1 Webnovel vampire, science-fiction series My Vampire System on my blog today. If you love vampires, well developed magic systems, action, fantasy and science fiction, this is the book for you. You can click here to start reading the book for free.

book description

The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward.

Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities.

Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves.

Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open.

But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around.

He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete.

“It is time to feed!”
“You must drink human blood within 24 hours”
“Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed”

here’s the book



“Author JKSManga did a great job writing this story and building a character I could get behind.” – weebpsychotv

“This is one of the best stories out there right now. You got to start this journey with Quinn because you don’t want to miss a second of this awesome ride of adventure , life , fantasy and pure epicness. Some twist and turn you wouldn’t have seen coming.” – michaelredx6

“This novel is just amazing, the concept of the story, the progression, character growth and many other aspects that makes it stand out from other novels. Reading this novel has been an exhilarating journey and i hope it will continue to be.” – uddeentaufit

“Quinn, although a little dense at times, is a very good main character and his supporting friends and enticing enemies each have great personalities and interactions with the plot. The more you read it, the more the plot thickens adding layers upon layers of great drama that feels very natural.” – silasvoulton

“Many people’s hearts have been captured by this novel all over the world. This book appeals to both male and female readers. … I applaud his efforts in creating Quinn, an iconic character who is now beloved by many readers, including myself. In addition, the plot is unpredictable in every chapter, which is why so many readers are enthralled by the novel “MY VAMPIRE SYSTEM.”

… Thank you for being so creative and upbeat.” – imaginetishad

“MY VAMPIRE SYSTEM is … a new futuristic version of vampires. … I’m wondering why I didn’t start reading it earlier.” – uyadih15

“This novel is very adventurous and … i hope that JKSMANGA doesn’t change nothing to it.” – tn_gamergirl

“This story is amazing been reading from the beginning all the characters are fantastic from the big four to the vampires and all the side plots along the way that tie back to the main plot.” – kyler_seffrood

about the author

I’m Jack Sherwin, and I’ve been a music teacher in China for three years. During my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar and writing. Although I haven’t been writing for long, I’ve always had such inclinations since I was young. In the beginning, I, like many other people, dream of having my work be one day adapted onto the silver screen. Hence, I started an independent comic studio to create my works I can call my own. I also talks at expos. Unfortunately, my two projects with a major company failed, and I thought my dreams were shattered. Later, with the pandemic happening, I was quarantined for three months. During this period, I decided to do something I’d never done before—write novels. I received astonishing success from it and it has made me what I am today.


Discord | Patreon

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The New American State is a book about the challenges facing the modern U.S. state and the attempts of today’s rulers to expand the gray area within it for their own or someone else’s benefit. This is a book warning that it is entirely possible for today’s rulers to push the American state to a condition in which there is a physical and institutional blurring of the boundaries between the branches of government. It is even possible for the United States to go backwards historically in terms of citizens’ rights and freedoms. Two dangerous trends to change the state and state system are at hand.