I am an avid reader and love to read books from all genres and of all ages.
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I’m open to traditional, indie, small press and self published works. I accept review copies as paperbacks, hard covers and eBooks.
The reviews provided will reflect my honest opinion of the book.
Though I definitely enjoy reading, I would still require a compensation which you can pay through PayPal. The charges will depend on the forum or forums of your choice.
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Sample 1

Our Life In A Day, is not much about the events but is more about the emotions playing out. It’s about the little things that brings us close and the things that take us afar from our loved ones. This book is an experience itself

Sample 2

Intricately plotted, The Other Passenger is an utterly twisted psychological suspense that builds on the Hitchcockian vibe. The story starts with police informing Jamie that Kit, his best friend is missing and the plot quickly gets rolling from there.

Sample 3

And Oh Boy! It’s one of the MOST adorable books I’ve ever read.

Charlie and Nick are so Sweet!!!! Their romance so heart warming.