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Hosting author Evelyne Mwangi on my blog today. Her book Eva’s Kitchen is available on Amazon for purchase.

What made you pen down this book?

Cooking has always been my passionate hobby. I love to create recipes and share then with the rest of the world. 

What according to you defines the Kenyan cusine?

what defines the Kenyan cuisines for me is the unique traditional way of cooking. using fresh ingredients. and the spice giving it the yummy bursting flavor that takes your taste buds to the Kenyan coast with the various coconut and curry dishes that makes unforgettable delicacies. 

Did you always have a knack for cooking?

 I found my interest in cooking at an early age. My favorite pastime was to watch cooking shows on the TV religiously with a pen and paper on hand to write down the cook’s every word. Then I will stress my parents to purchase the ingredients to recreate those dishes.Now I added it all in a book to pass on to other inspired cooks.

What is your favourite dish?

Honestly, I love them all, so it is hard to really choose. My favorite though is samosas and pilau

How many recipes are there in the book?

There is a total of thirty-six recipes.

What else would you want our readers to know about the book?

 You will not have enough of it! I promise Eva’s Kenyan kitchen cookbook has tons of recipes for everyday meals to holiday meals. From Mombasa coleslaw to Zanzibar black teas. The recipes are a sure hit   for easy, quick lunch dinner or breakfast. Now sit back and enjoy compliments! Seconds are necessary!!

Are there any new projects underway?

yes. currently working on a plant based Kenyan cuisine cookbook. coming soon.

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